How does the thermoscanner work

After having amply illustrated what is and how much does it cost it is time to go into even more detail to understand how does the thermoscanner work at a practical level and discover the possibilities of integration within the context in which it is installed.

How does the thermoscanner work

Let’s take as an example the type of thermoscanner in totem or column format, which is designed to manage access to public places with medium flow. These devices measure body temperature with extreme accuracy without physical contact and at the same time verify the presence of the mask.

They can respond immediately to the presence of the user positioned frontally and, by framing his face, can provide him with different types of warnings based on the situation.

➡️ Normal temperature: the measurement was successful and there are no risk situations, therefore access is allowed.

➡️ Temperature over the limit: the measurement has detected an abnormal situation, therefore access is denied (and the access point can be blocked).

➡️ No mask: the device detects the lack of a mask by the user and invites him to wear it in order to free access. Once worn, access is allowed.

The user who has passed all the checks is allowed to enter via an access confirmation. If the user is registered, he is recognized and the confirmation includes the data associated with the person himself.

Possibility of integration

The thermoscanner is designed to be integrated with security systems installed to protect access. It can also manage software integration via API, communicating directly with the systems present within the context in which it is positioned.

In this way, in the event of measurements beyond the limit or verification of the absence of the mask, an automatic block of access to the room can be activated (in addition to an audible alarm), closing doors and turnstiles to avoid any situations of risk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Over the past few weeks, we have been asked a series of clarification questions relating to the operation of the thermoscanners, to which our experts have answered.

We wanted to share them and include in this section what we believe are the most useful and interesting, in order to provide an even more complete description of how the thermoscanner works, in this case still taking as an example our new InterCheck.

① What are the methods and management of the thermoscanner?

There are two ways:

  • centrally using the management software, a recommended choice for those who own more than one device connected to the same network and want to install updates without having to act on each individual thermoscanner;
  • by accessing the device directly and performing the necessary procedure (for each thermoscanner).

② How does the thermoscanner behave if a temperature higher than the allowed limit is detected?

Different combinations of outputs can be configured:

  • sound alarm emitted by the internal speaker;
  • upper flashing light bar (usually red);
  • voice message in which the problem is reported;
  • message on the display.

③ Is it possible to configure a new limit temperature beyond which the alarm is triggered?

Both through the management software and acting directly on the device it is possible to set a customized limit temperature.

④ Is it possible to independently develop a management software for the thermoscanner?

Intercomp provides all the necessary material to do it directly in the Support Area of the site.

⑤ Does the thermoscanner have protection against liquids?

The device is designed with an IP65 protection degree, excluding the temperature sensor and the rear area where the cooling fan is present.

⑥ Can the thermoscanner be sanitized?

The device is certainly sanitizable, simply by following the classic instructions that are provided for cleaning a normal tablet or display: turn it off and disconnect it from the power supply, do not use cloths or abrasive substances, avoid aggressive chemical agents and do not pour products directly on the device .

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