SCADA software by Emerson Automation

Emerson Automation’s SCADA/HMI software solutions such as Movicon.NExT™ can be easily integrated into our hardware devices designed fot industrial automation, thus creating an advanced tool for managing any type of process.



Movicon.NExT™ software is based on Automation Platform.NExT™, a technology platform with a modular and open framework.

It is a feature that ensures the creation of open solutions, expandable and powerful, through a wide selection of functional modules.


Analysis, reports and trends

Movicon.NExT™ offers sophisticated tools for analysis and reporting, like trends, graphs, tables, data analysis and a powerful integrated report designer which enables the creation and management of local or web report.

No additional tools are required for the analysis and any type of access to the DBs relating to data extraction and graphical or tabular representation is possible. The web dashboard also allows for data analysis via HTML5 Web Client.


Advanced performance

The high performance of panel PCs designed by Intercomp, combined with the versatility of the touchscreen, give the ability to handle 3 dimensions with great flexibility.

Our panel PCs with capacitive touchscreen makes possible to analyse the automation lines through advanced visuals, monitoring objects or any criticalities on each side.


Conformity to standards

Movicon.NExT™ aligns completely with market standards relating to reliability and openness.

The efficiency and modernity of the graphical standards are guaranteed by the XAML and WPF technology, and the Historian are based on MS SQL Server and Azure and are able to support each relational DB via ADO Provider (support MySQL and Oracle).


Web access

The web-based access to the system is a point of reference for Movicon.NExT™.

The Web Server module uses HTML5 technology for maximum portability across platforms and operating systems with maximum performance and graphics. App for smartphones and tablets (Android, iOS, and Windows Universal App) are also available.


Optimal interaction

The panel PCs designed and produced by Intercomp are very sensitive and accurate. They allow operators to use it also wearing work gloves.

Our touchscreen system is able to sense the touch of a finger even if the hand is wet or greased from particular types of processing.

The software to enhance industrial automation


Reduced development times

The of Movicon.NExT™ development environment is fully integrated, enjoyable and innovative, with many intuitive features.

The project development times can be reduced significantly, partly through the use of tools such as wizards, templates, libraries and toolbox for truly innovative in terms of graphics and symbols reuse yield.


Exceptional graphics

The next generation WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) vector graphics rendering engine is used to develop a high level of graphics. This allows to create dynamic 2D and 3D vector graphics interface.

The highest quality is guaranteed by redesigned graphics libraries, dynamic animations, and native multi-touch graphics capabilities, in addition to the extensive support for XAML vector graphics, BMP, PNG, JPG, and multimedia formats.


Alarm management

Movicon.NExT™ guarantees a powerful alarm management, introducing new features and types, such as activations on the deviation of the value and the data change speed, in addition to the traditional event activations.

A special database contains the alarms archive, in order to allow chronological or statistical analysis. The notifications to the staff by SMS, e-mail or VoIP, were completed by the operator Alarm Dispatcher.



The Movicon.NExT™ information model, based on OPC UA technology, fully supports all specifications (DA, AE, HA) as client and as server.

This ensures maximum natively connectivity to any device or to application module that is based on this safe and performing technology.

The Data Server I/O module has numerous native, built-in, and free I/O drivers, while Integrated and free, while dedicated IoT (Internet of Things) connectors and gateways allow to realize in a simple modern architecture of public network connectivity.


Data recording

The Movicon.NExT™ data server allows data logging from the Automation Platform.NExT™ platform, with Historian and Data Logger technology.

Information is recorded on SQL Server Ms format, but it is possible to use already predisposed connectors for Oracle, My SQL databases, or use Cloud technologies like Microsoft Azure.


Integrated functionality

The powerful integrated features of Movicon.NExT™ are ready to use and configurable in a very simple way.

Keyboard commands, virtual keyboards, menus, schedulers, and more help greatly to reduce development time, even in the most complex applications.

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