iCOMAC 8200 industrial console monitor

iCOMAC 8200 console monitor is an extremely high-performance device for industrial environments, designed with capacitive multi-touch touchscreen and a button panel that can be customized in three different versions according to the customer’s operational needs.


International certifications

These are very important certification of production processes valid for certified for a series of international markets.

They are indeed important certification marks that are issued only to products and related production processes that meet specific quality standards.


18.5" display

The 18.5″ display of the industrial console monitor iCOMAC 8200 is covered by a tempered glass.

The anodized aluminium frame is designed and equipped with a LED status indicator and a USB connector with rubber cap, which maintains the IP65 frontal protection grade.


Structure for industrial environments

The structure of the industrial console monitor is available in different types of configurations: base, with button panel, with side handles and complete (button panel and handles).

The rear support, equipped with a VESA standard, is made of anti-fingerprint steel and it is able to reduce the deposit of dust.


Customizable button panel

The button panel (also with cover in tempered glass) is available in three different versions depending on the type and arrangement of the buttons.

This personalization, together with the possibility to remove and change button panel tags, is particularly useful as it allows to configure the device.


Multi-touch capacitive touchscreen

iCOMAC 8200 with button panel is designed with a sophisticated projected capacitive touchscreen which allows an extreme precision and is suitable for use with work gloves.

The device supports a multi-touch system up to 10 simultaneous touches, ideal for ensuring maximum interaction in every industrial context.


Protection grade

iCOMAC 8200 industrial capacitive monitor with button panel is equipped with front IP65 protection grade: it is protected against water and dust access.

This is an extremely important standard within industrial production contexts, in order to protect the machine from dust and any processing residues but also to allow its correct cleaning.

Italian excellence

Thanks to our experience we can adapt our solutions to your industrial processes.

Resolution1366 x 768
Aspect ratio
TouchscreenCapacitive type with multi-touch suitable for use with work gloves
Button panel
Side handlesOptional
CertificationsCE, cURus, FCC, ICES, EAC, RoHS
Fixing methodsVESA 100
Front protection gradeIP65

Quality industrial automation


Quality tests

The monitor with button panel is designed in compliance with European regulations. Intercomp carries out further testing to verify its behaviour under specific stress conditions.

All tests’ results are available for consultation and 100% traceable by our customers.


Supply with customer requirements

The list of components is agreed during the initial phase directly with our customers, to define costs from the beginning.

Indeed, we believe that transparency is an essential requirement to offer quality and reliable solutions that create the right synergy in the relationship with the customers.


Custom design

The design and production of our devices can be customized according to the specific needs and the different contexts in which they are installed.

Our experience in customization allows us to modify, in addition to the panel, every component of the iCOMAC 8200 industrial monitor.


Advanced support

The technical support provided by Intercomp aims to ensure maximum success for our customers.

Through a solid professional relationship, it is possible to benefit from real help in choosing the most efficient and reliable industrial solution for a specific operation context.



Our production line has been structured to allow an efficient quality control of each product.

European Certification, as well as other specific ones that this device is equipped with, are only one single part of the qualitative results of the numerous tests we carry out on our devices.



The design and production phases of all our industrial monitors are followed by the sampling phase.

The customer is thus able to have an overview of the product before the actual production.

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