CUSTOM Industrial Monitors and PCs ANTARES VISION


High performance


Programmable function keys


Excellent thermal dissipation

Antares Vision: total packaging control

Antares Vision develops and manufactures visual inspection systems and tracking for total control of packaging products to ensure consumer safety.

Together with Antares Vision we have developed Monitor and PC Panel solutions which were installed inside their controlling and tracking machines.

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Resistive touchscreen

The resistive touchscreen allows operators to interact with the system and track its performance, even wearing latex or work gloves.

Personalised solution

The produced solutions are custom made, we are developing it around our customer needs.

For this model we have made for example a specific USB door as well as a removable SSD or HDD.Thanks to this approach our client will be able to give devices capable of being maintained without the necessity to remove the whole PC from the tracking machines.


Software integration

The products have a high integration software for any type of automatic line for the primary and secondary packaging in several areas: by the food industry to the processing of tobacco, up to cosmetics, the pharmaceutical industry, the logistics sector, the printing industry and the automotive industry.
Industrial custom PCs and Monitors Antares Vision
Customer’s need
⭕️ A device with a high degree of customization in order to meet the needs of different sectors of any automatic line.

⭕️ Programmable and customizable functions to maintain existing ones.

⭕️ Effective heat dissipation in order to insert the PC or Panel Monitor in a machine frame with little or no ventilation.

⭕️ Removable storage media for easier data management.

Developed solution
✔️ An integrable solution for each type of automatic line for primary and secondary packaging in areas that are very different from each other.

✔️ A custom overlay and programmable function keys to keep active the functions already present.

✔️ High performance to support video inspection systems.

✔️ Excellent thermal dissipation even in non-ventilated areas.

✔️ Removable SSD to simplify data extraction.

Industrial custom PCs and Monitors Antares Vision

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