iCOMAC 8200 industrial panel PC

iCOMAC 8200 panel PC is an industrial device capable of combining remarkable operational performance with the resistance to operational stress required within production environments. The entire series has obtained important international certifications.


International certifications

The iCOMAC 8200 series of industrial fanless panel PCs are equipped with important international certifications.

These marks are issued only if full compliance with specific quality standards is found: this operation must involve both the individual product and its production process.


Industrial structure

The structure of the iCOMAC 8200 panel PC is designed to provide high levels of reliability, combined with excellent durability.

The front protection, for example, which reaches IP65, is designed to optimally defend the device from access by potentially harmful external agents, such as liquids and dust.


Cooling system

The cooling system with which this panel PC is equipped is fanless and can prevent dust from being raised, as well as avoiding it from accumulating on internal components.

This technology is necessary in industrial operating environments, and among other things, it eliminates the maintenance required for classic fans.


Capacitive multi-touch touchscreen

iCOMAC 8200 series of fanless industrial panel PCs is equipped with a sophisticated capacitive touchscreen, which ensures excellent accuracy even when wearing gloves.

Multi-touch technology can support up to 10 touches and can greatly improve interaction.


18.5" display

The only version available for the display of this industrial panel PC is the 18.5″ size, which is realized of tempered glass.

The anodized aluminium frame includes, in addition to the LED status indicator, a front USB connector protected by a special rubber cap that maintains the IP65 grade.


Fixing methods

This series of industrial fanless panel PCs is installed in panel mount mode, therefore fixed within the space provided on the specific type of machinery it manages.

The footprint is minimal, as the slim design with which the device is designed guarantees an extremely reduced thickness.

Italian excellence

Thanks to our experience we can adapt our solutions to your industrial processes.

TouchscreenCapacitive type with multi-touch suitable for use with work gloves
CertificationsCE, cURus, FCC, ICES, EAC, RoHS
Fixing method
Panel mount
Operating temperature
From 0° C to +40° C
Non operating temperature
From -5° C to +60° C
Front protection grade

Quality industrial automation


Software integration

Industrial fanless panel PCs are designed to support any type of industrial software.

We are also able to install some software created for the control and management of industrial processes.


Supply with customer requirements

The list of components established at an early stage with customers is a key tool for clarifying costs.

In addition to allowing the development of quality solutions, in fact, this procedure can lead to significant savings.


Custom design

Both the design and production phases can be customized to meet specific customer needs.

In fact, we can modify every component of our solutions, adapting them to any production context.


Acceptance and quality tests

Industrial fanless panel PCs are manufactured in compliance with the regulations in force in the European Community.

We also carry out further tests to verify the behaviour of all our products towards specific environmental stresses.


Technical support

We want to build a solid professional relationship with the customer, to enhance production capacity, efficiency and quality.

We support companies with the aim of offering concrete help in choosing the best solutions.



The sampling phase normally follows the design phase of all our industrial devices.

It is carried out to allow the customer to test the functionality of our solutions before mass production.

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