Capacitive industrial panel PC

Drake | 10.4″-12.1″-15″-15.6″-17″-18.5″-19″-21.5″-23.8″

Lead time: 4 weeks

Drake industrial panel PC

Drake industrial HMI-panel PC series is designed to ensure excellent performance and consistent reliability. The possibility of choosing between two different versions makes these solutions ideal for installation and operation in any type of industrial operating context.


Capacitive touchscreen

Drake industrial HMI-panel PC, in all available versions, is equipped with a capacitive touchscreen.

In addition to multi-touch technology with 10 simultaneous touches, it is equipped with a special anti-fingerprint treatment.


"Slimline" and "Rich I/O" versions

Drake series offers two types of devices, available in the “Slimline” version and in the “Rich I/O” version.

The first includes solutions designed with an even more compact format, the second includes devices rich in I/O connectors.


IP65 front protection

The industrial HMI-panel PC is designed to withstand the stresses present within an industrial environment.

The IP65 degree on the front side in fact defends the device from dust and the access of liquids that could damage it.


Panel or VESA mount

Drake industrial PCs line has been designed to be installed on the operator panel, in “panel mount” mode.

Alternatively, it is possible to fix the device inside the production line using a dedicated VESA 75/100 support.

Italian excellence

Thanks to our experience we can adapt our solutions to your industrial processes.

Line features
TouchscreenCapacitive multi-touch
Cooling systemFanless
Available versions
Slimline | Rich I/O
Supported operating systemsAll software for industrial use
CertificationsCE, RoHS
Slimline Tiger Lake 11th gen. PowerfulDatasheet
Rich I/O Tiger Lake 11th gen. Powerful
Rich I/O Whiskey Lake 8th gen.Datasheet

Quality industrial automation


Wide display choice

The availability of the panel PC in many different sizes allows a precise choice based on the specific needs of space and practicality present within an industrial production line.


CE mark

This series of panel PCs is equipped, like all other Intercomp products, with the European Quality Certification. Further quality certifications are carried out during testing and can be consulted by the customer.


Acceptance test

On all available models, Intercomp carries out strict acceptance tests. The data relating to the individual tests together with the identification of the machine and the types of testing can be consulted by the customer.



It is possible to realize a supply of samples for the customer, in order to verify directly on the field if the chosen solution is ideal for your particular operating context.

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