Capacitive and resistive fanless panel PCs

Panel PCs with capacitive and resistive touchscreen are high-performance industrial computers designed and used to control and manage industrial automation processes.

These are configurable solutions that can achieve high operation performance and are equipped with an attractive design created specifically for industrial contexts.

Italian production of industrial panel PCs

Our panel PCs with capacitive touchscreen are a series of industrial computers designed by combining high performance, reliability and resistance within any industrial automation context.

Industrial panel PCs are also available in versions equipped with resistive touchscreens, to meet the needs of production contexts where there are particular environmental conditions or where the operating modes require different solutions.

Panel PCs with capacitive touchscreen

iCOMAC 9000 panel

iCOMAC 9000

15.6″ | 18.5″ | 21.5″ | 23.8″ | 27″

UL certificate

Landscape or portrait orientation

iCOMAC 8200 panel

iCOMAC 8200


Front USB interface

Front IP65 protection

iCOMAC 7200

iCOMAC 7200

15.6″ | 18.5″ | 21.5″ | 23.8″

Front USB interface

Front IP65 protection

iCOMAC 7200 inox

iCOMAC 7200

15.6″ | Stainless steel version

Stainless steel front panel

Front IP69K protection

Drake capacitive


10.4″ | 12.1″ | 15″ | 15.6″ | 17″ | 18.5″ | 19″ | 21.5″ | 23.8″

Lead time: 4 weeks

Front IP65 protection

Panel PCs with resistive touchscreen

iCOMAC 6100

iCOMAC 6100

12.1″ | 15″ | 17″ | 19″

Anodised aluminium | Stainless steel

Front IP65 protection




Customizable function keys

Front IP65 protection

Drake resistive


10.4″ | 12.1″ | 15″ | 15.6″ | 17″ | 18.5″ | 19″ | 21.5″

Lead time: 4 weeks

Front IP65 protection

iCOMAC 5110

iCOMAC 5110


Compact structure

Front IP65 protection

Look at all the possible uses and application contexts of our industrial panel PC solutions

Here are some of the industrial cases in which we have developed customized devices starting from standard solutions.

It is possible to discover all the other customized solutions in the CASE HISTORY section.

panel pc e monitor industriali
panel pc pharma e alimentare
panel pc pharma
panel pc food and beverage

FAQS about panel PCs

What are panel PCs?

A panel PC is an industrial computer that also integrates a display. In fact, it is a more robust All-In-One PC suitable for complex contexts, such as industrial ones.

Industrial computer vs. IPC

An industrial computer (IPC or Industrial PC) is a solution similar in appearance to a common desktop computer.

They share many aesthetic and technical characteristics: type of microprocessor and RAM, storage unit, interface ports, performance, etc.

Despite the apparent similarities, the industrial PC is a more robust system than a commonly used PC. It is in fact a technology suitable for use in critical environments, characterized by continuous work cycles, the presence of processing residues and very high or particularly rigid temperatures.

What are the areas of application of industrial PCs?

The panel PC is useful in a variety of areas, but it excels above all in industrial automation, manufacturing and process control. Its presence is vital in contexts where precision, efficiency and accurate control are critical.

1 – Industrial automation (machinery control, process monitoring)

In industrial automation contexts, panel PCs play a crucial role in controlling complex machinery and monitoring production processes. Their intuitive user interface facilitates real-time supervision and management of industrial activities.

2 – Kiosk applications (intuitive and engaging paths)

Industrial panel PCs are also used in kiosk applications, offering intuitive and engaging paths. Whether for navigating large structures or providing detailed information, panel PCs provide an immersive user experience.

3 – Data Acquisition and visualization (process measurement and control)

In the field of data acquisition and visualization, panel PCs stand out for their ability to measure and control industrial processes. Their flexibility allows for rapid adaptability to specific data collection and presentation needs.

Windows panel PCs or Linux panel PCs?

It depends. Each operating system is used according to the specific characteristics of the context of use and the needs of the customer.

For some environments it may be more useful to use a particular system than another, based on the company’s development possibilities.

Precisely for this reason we provide support in the installation and integration of the system.

As Microsoft’s historical and official partner, we can guarantee maximum support on all systems offered.

What is the purpose of customizing panel PCs?

Customization is a product engineering process that aims to identify the best components and functions of a PC for a specific context.

The customization process is set up together with the customer, studying the place and how a product is used.

Customization can start from completely new concepts, innovating the design of panel PCs, but it can also simply be a process of mechanical and electronic adaptation to a certain environment.

How long do industrial panel PCs last?

The average lifespan of an industrial panel PC can easily reach 10 years.

All products follow a defined product life cycle consisting of five phases. This path is divided into two main phases.

The first is production, it concerns all phases, from launch to product maturity, in which the solution is produced and sold on the market. The combination of these phases can last at least 5 years.

The second, on the other hand, concerns a series of phases characterized by the end of the production of the device, in which, however, the availability of the components, assistance and support on all the items of the product is maintained for up to 7 years.

Definition and functionality of industrial PCs

The panel PC is an integrated computing device that combines an industrial computer with a touchscreen, forming a compact and versatile system.

This combination of hardware offers an intuitive interface and an all-in-one solution for different applications.

What are industrial panel PCs used for?

Industrial panel PCs integrate computers and displays into a single solution that can be installed inside an operator machine, or hooked onto a mechanical arm.

The panel PC is used to manage and monitor industrial processes, integrating data from different types of sensors, activities and processes that characterize industrial production.

What is the protection grade of industrial PCs?

Within the range of Intercomp industrial panel PCs you can find solutions with mechanical structures in aluminium, sheet metal casting or stainless steel, depending on the environment in which they are installed.

Regardless of the material, all industrial PCs are guaranteed with a minimum level of IP65 protection.

IP65 is a global protection grade and determines resistance to the access of dust or other foreign matter (both liquid and solid) inside equipment.

Industrial computer design and manufacturing

This is how we have structured our production plant for the design and production of new types of human-machine interfaces dedicated to the control of industrial processes.

Industrial panel PC: features

  • Fanless computer: heat is dissipated into the environment through the mechanical structure, thus maintaining the correct temperature of the internal components.
  • Capacitive touchscreen: a state-of-the-art touchscreen technology allows above all a better graphic rendering, as well as the possibility of using software for the management of 3D images.
  • High power and performance: thanks to an extremely wide range of configurations, we can meet any type of need.
  • Customization of industrial computers: thanks to our in-house production and design departments, we can work alongside the customer’s needs to create unique solutions.
  • Ease of cleaning: externally the panel PC is made of tempered glass and steel and is therefore perfectly sanitizable. The steel part is also equipped with an anti-dust and anti-fingerprint treatment.
  • Windows 10 and Linux panel PCs: as official partners of Microsoft, we are able to support all the operations to install the Windows operating system and ensure its integration with control software.
  • Quality product Made in Italy: our production is entirely Italian, and this is reflected in the quality of our industrial computers. Each unit is precision-crafted and undergoes rigorous quality control to ensure reliable and long-lasting performance.
intercomp produzione pc e panel industriali fanless

Industrial computer manufacturing

  • We design and manufacture panel PCs. Thanks to a large group of designers and specialized operators, we can control and support our customers within all phases of the production of the Intercomp branded product. Our team has a vast production department of over 9 thousand square meters in which all the devices we supply are studied, manufactured and tested.
  • Experience since 1983. In over 40 years of activity, we have undergone various technological transformations that have allowed us to interpret and meet the emerging needs of the industrial and commercial market, increasingly refining our technique and our skills.
  • Customer support. Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our corporate philosophy. We offer a dedicated and professional support service, ensuring that our interlocutors have access to timely and competent technical support.


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