Fanless industrial Panel PCs with capacitive touchscreen 

Extremely efficient solutions for controlling and managing industrial automation processes

Industrial Panel PC

Capacitive iCOMAC series

A series of devices designed to guarantee high performance and quality within any context of industrial automation. They are very sophisticated products with a surprising design.

Industrial Panel PC iCOMAC 7200


Firstly this panel PC has a very elegant design thanks to true Flat display. Furthermore industrial panel has been developed for high performance, fanless cooling system.

Moreover it has the option to be applied both on VESA arm and control panel.

Nevertheless its appearance, it is a very sofisticated device protected on IP65 degree scale on its front side.

Multi-touch touchscreen up to 10 simultaneous touches can also be used with work gloves, USB connector at the bottom of the frame.

Panel PC iCOMAC 8200


Certainly UL, CSA and EAC certifications are the most important qualification of our industrial PC.

Moreover its design it’s marvellous, and above all it has a great flexibility and adaptation capacity thanks to its modularity.

Additionally it has all of the main features of a high level industrial computer, thus it has a fanless cooling system, moreover an IP65 degree of protection on the front side and customizable button panel.

Multi-touch touchscreen up to 10 simultaneous touches that can also be used while wearing work gloves, USB connector at the bottom of the frame.

Industrial Panel PC iCOMAC 7200

True Flat, fanless system, multi-touch touchscreen.

Industrial Panel PC iCOMAC 8200

UL, CSA and EAC certifications, True Flat, customizable button panel, fanless system, multi-touch touchscreen.

Have a look at all several implementation we have made through our Panel PC capacitive solutions

This are only some of the industrial cases in which we have developed custom devices, we have firstly started from the standard of these solutions, ending up with a completely revisited device. You can discover all the other customized solutions in the CASE HISTORY section.

Hyperbaric Panel PCs

Industrial Panel PCs custom made SCM

Industrial PCs and monitors Antares Vision

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7 features that distinguish our Panel PCs

⭕️ Strength: continuity of use over several production shifts, indeed our solution are generally used into H24 shifts.

⭕️ Resistance: towards any type of industrial condition that includes dust, high or low temperatures and processing residues.

⭕️ Fanless technology: heat is dissipated into the environment through the mechanical structure, maintaining the correct temperature of the internal components.

⭕️ Capacitive touchscreen: a latest generation touchscreen technology allows a better graphic rendering as well as the possibility of using 3D image management software.

⭕️ High power and performance: thanks to an extremely wide range of configurations we can satisfy any type of requirement.

⭕️ Hardware customization: thanks to the internal production and design departments, we can support the customer’s needs, creating unique solutions.

⭕️ Easy to clean: externally the Panel PC is made of tempered glass and steel and is therefore perfectly sanitizable through all the products currently in use. The steel part is also equipped with an anti-dust and anti-fingerprint treatment.

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