Industrial C300 box PC

The C300 industrial box PCs are versatile hardware solutions, able to adapt to different contexts, even critical ones. They are equipped with a modern and functional case, which allows to maintain a correct level of cooling for all the components.


Industrial design

The structure of the C300 box PC has a compact and fully open shape, with a solid, painted case designed for industrial environments.

The holes in the body allow for rapid heat dissipation, without compromising the functionality of the components.


Installation methods

The versatility of this PC allows different types of installation, to adapt to each specific operating context.

In fact, it can be positioned horizontally and vertically or it can be fixed on a DIN rail, in wall mount mode or via the VESA standard.


Continuous use

The C300 box PCs are technologically advanced solutions, able to maintain a constant level of operation over time.

In fact, the design of the device guarantees maximum reliability in every production environment.


Removable storage

The box PC box is equipped with HDD or SSD storage that can be easily removed without the need to disassemble the entire machine.

This is a significant advantage, with an important saving of time and with the possibility of avoiding interruptions in the operation of the production line.

Italian excellence

Thanks to our experience we can adapt our solutions to your industrial processes.

USB ports
4 x 3.0/2.0/1.1 | 4 x 2.0/1.1
LAN ports
2 x RJ45
Video ports
1 x DVI-D | 1 x HDMI
Digital I/O (optional)8 bit input/output
COM ports
1 x RS232/422/485 | 3 x RS232
Supported operating systems
All software for industrial use
CertificationsCE, RoHS
Dimensions (W x H x D)262.5 mm x 126 mm x 203.5 mm
Weight5 kg
Operating temperature
From 0° C to +45° C
InstallationHorizontal | Vertical | Wall mount | DIN rail | VESA 100

Quality industrial automation


Software integration

Industrial box PCs are designed with the highest level of integration for any type of industrial software.

We can offer various application solutions that can comprehensively manage every production process.


Technical support

Our customers can always count on advanced technical assistance that can support any critical issues that may emerge.

It is a service of considerable value that we provide to our interlocutors as a guarantee of our skills.


European production Certification

The industrial box PC are all rigorously tested and certified according to the standards in force in the European Community.

Our products must also pass additional quality tests, which subject each device to the stresses typical of an industrial environment.


Custom design

Industrial box PCs are very versatile solutions, able to be integrated with various types of expansions and modules.

In fact, we can add dedicated components to further enhance the capabilities of the device.


Supply with customer requirements

Clearly establishing the materials and costs of each individual component of the box PC is a fundamental requirement.

This is a guarantee of quality for our customers, but also a great opportunity to keep the costs of the final product down.


Sampling production

All our products follow a precise production process to offer the best solution based on the established requirements.

The sampling operation is a test bench to evaluate the perfect operation of the required product.

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