Industrial PC Box, ideal for electrical panel and to transform your line of industrial automation

Industrial PC Box

A powerful and advanced solution that has the advantage of greatly increasing the capacity of industrial automation lines, easily integrating with all devices without the need to replace an entire production line while maintaining a low cost.

iPC Box 280 for power board

The Box PC 280 are ideal solutions for electrical panels or remotely control  of the industrial process by combining it with a monitor.

It can satisfy different needs, with various types of configurations.

PC Box C300 compact

A compact version of PC Box, fully open, able to disperse heat at great speed.

It is a powerful and customizable solution to make all contexts much more efficient.

PC Box 6110 J1900

A very versatile and resistant PC Box, adaptable to various contexts and suitable for continuous use.

It is equipped with a fanless cooling system designed to be very efficient in heat dispersal.

PC Box 7110 H110

It is a very powerful and reliable PC Box, with high performance and fanless system.

This version of PC Box can be easily integrated into existing environments, in order to increase efficiency.

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