PC Panel 190

Panel PC 190 is a device for industrial use highly adaptable and performing able to effectively combine high performance and low power consumption. In addition, the Intel® J1900 processor allows continuous use.


Resistive touchscreen

The resistive touchscreen system is very useful in industrial environments because, in addition to the simplicity and practicality of use, it allows operators to interact with work gloves or latex gloves.


Fanless system

The fanless cooling system is ideal for devices installed in industrial environments, where dust can cause problems to the fans. This system is able to reduce almost to zero maintenance costs.


Suitable for continuous use

The Pc Panel 190 is an advanced device designed to work continuously at high speeds, maintaining at the same time 100% of its operations.


VESA mounting

The VESA adapter allows the device to be wall-mounted, through the appropriate plate, or installed on a support, in order to guarantee the operator a great ease of use.


Chassis designed for industrial environments

As each product designed for potentially “hostile” environments, PC Panel 190 is equipped with a body which guarantees protection in the industrial environment in which it is inserted.



The solutions created by Intercomp meet specific customer requirements. Pc Panel 190 is therefore customizable to be adapted to the context in which it will be placed.

Italian excellence

All solutions are manufactured entirely in our production department.

Ample availability of I/O portsNumber and type of ports can be personalised upon request
ChipsetIntel® J1900
Monitor19″ – 5:4
TouchscreenResistive, can be used even with work gloves
Supported operating systemsAll industrial use software
CertificationsCE, RoHS
Display resolution
Cooling system

Quality industrial automation services


European Certification

Similarly to all other Intercomp products, PC Panel 190 obtained the European Quality Certification, plus additional certifications performed during testing, always regarding the quality of the product.



Intercomp performs severe tests on each device, in a totally transparent way, with the possibility to keep track of each test on a specific machine through access to a dedicated database.


Customer requirements

Each device is created following all the required customisations of the customer, up to its components and materials, in order to clearly establish costs.


Software integration

It’s possible to improve your Pc Panel 190 with a software for the control and management of industrial processes. In any case, our products are easy to integrate with all common industrial software in use.


CUSTOM design

Pc Panel 190, customised according to customer requirements thanks to the expertise of our design departments and hardware production, it is able to adapt to any industrial contexts.


Sampling production

Intercomp offers sampling production in order to allow the customer to verify that the solution meets the established requirements.

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