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We depend on PC Panels and them from us. The quality and power of the human-technology relationship is now a central determinant in the final result of our products.

The control of industrial production processes can now make use of very advanced technologies, which allow a total work management.

Today automated production is potentially able to analyse the entire information flow, understanding the needs of the market in real time, adapting the production to a merchandise choice rather than another.

The man remains central in the process, the human presence is required, but at the same time he needs adequate technological means in order to have control.


The PC Panel is the tool that secures this connection and that unites man to the world of machines, to the industrial production.

What is it

These are essentially industrial PCs with a panel format, with resistive or capacitive touchscreen display which allow a complete and immediate management by the operator of industrial automation machinery.

➡️ PC Panels have a great versatility, reliability and guarantee high performance in industrial environments, where the variables and flexibility of production processes undergo changes every day.

It is evident that there are critical environmental conditions such as dust, liquid, heat, and mechanical stress in these contexts.

➡️ PC Panels must be equipped with a higher degree of protection than other machines (the front glass ensures a degree of protection IP66), even a high reliability to ensure continuous operation without interruption even on multiple production shifts (H24).

➡️ By having to control more and more complex machines, the capabilities of these devices must be high, superior to earlier versions. As well as the ability to communicate and interact with all the processes of a production plant.

Key features

We have already mentioned the resistance of industrial PC Panels to the extreme conditions of the industrial environment as well as their superior performance. But what are the benefits that these devices have over other products?

Here is a list.

  • ⭕️ Robustness: can be used continuously over multiple shifts (H24).
  • ⭕️ Resistance: in critical conditions in industrial environments.
  • ⭕️ Fanless technology: in addition to having the total absence of maintenance of the dust filters, is ensured an optimal heat dissipation even at high processor performance.
  • ⭕️ Touchscreen: capacitive touchscreen new technologies allow greater speed and flexibility in the interaction man/machine, thanks to the use of the same technology in the smartphone/tablet/I-Pad.
  • ⭕️ High power and performance: to meet the most demanding graphics performance requirements
  • ⭕️ Hardware and software customization: can be customized so as to be perfectly adapted to the specific context in which their will operate.
  • ⭕️ Smart usage of space: the use of increasingly sophisticated and high-performance processors, combined with lower energy consumption, allow an evolved proposal of compact and reduced PC Panels.
  • ⭕️ Easy to clean: being resistant to the products used to sanitize the environments, PC panels can be easily cleaned. This is a very important feature especially in a pharmaceutical or medical environment.

Industrial PCs today and in the future

With the advent of industry 4.0 tools such as PC Panels will be more and more protagonists in industrial automation. And this is demonstrated by the constant growth of the diffusion of these devices into production processes.

⭕️ The so-called “Internet of things” needs constant communications from all parts of the system, so connectivity is a key requirement that all PCs Panel Intercomp, together with the efficiency and security, also against external attacks.


➡️ One of the key words for the future is the integration, the ability of each device to communicate with others, as mentioned above, in a world of infinite interconnections, but also can be inserted in any context, being able to adapt more and more to any specific requirement.


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