Industrial 4100 rack PC

Industrial rack PCs are powerful data processing and management devices, designed for installation inside standard rack cabinets. They are characterized by versatility of use and capacious structure, which can accommodate various hardware modules to effectively adapt to different contexts.


4U 19" rackmount

The 4100 4U 19″ rack PCs are designed to be compatible with the standard sizes of major rack enclosure manufacturers.

This 4U version can therefore be installed inside 19″ industrial-grade rack structures.


High I/O availability

The level of expandability of the 4100 rack PCs is extremely high and has been implemented precisely to create a versatile and powerful device.

This model, for example, offers the possibility of using removable HDDs/SSDs and the choice of a single or redundant power supply.


Suitable for continuous use

Industrial rack PCs are designed to maintain maximum uptime throughout the life of the machine.

Thanks to sophisticated hardware modules, developed specifically for this series, the PC can sustain 24-hour work rhythms.


Industrial design

The rack PC is built with a painted steel structure designed specifically for industrial environments.

The device is equipped with a front opening that covers the dust filter and the power button, secured by a key lock.


High processing capacity

The latest generation Intel® processors installed in this rack PC are proven to withstand heavy workloads over time.

Rack PCs can also take advantage of multiple processors and can support more hardware peripherals.


Active ventilation with dust filter

The 4100 industrial rack PCs are equipped with an effective active cooling system consisting of two fans.

They are protected from dust thanks to a special removable dust filter, which preserves the internal components of the PC even inside the cabinet.

Italian excellence

Thanks to our experience we can adapt our solutions to your industrial processes.

USB ports (front)2 x 3.0
USB ports (back)
4 x 3.1 (Gen.2) | 2 x 3.1 (Gen.1) | 4 x 2.0 (optional)
LAN ports
2 x RJ45
Video ports
1 x DVI-D | 1 x HDMI | 1 x DP | 1 x VGA
COM ports
1 x RS232/422/485 | 1 x RS232/422/485 (optional) | 8 x RS232 (optional)
Expansion slots2 x PCIe x16 | 1 x PCIe x1 | 1 x PCIe x4 | 2 x PCI
Supported operating systems
All software for industrial use
CertificationsCE, RoHS
Dimensions (W x H x D)483 mm x 178 mm (4U) x 505 mm
Weight20 kg
Operating temperature
From +5° C to +45° C
Cooling system
2 x front fans with removable dust filter
InstallationRack 19″

Quality industrial automation


Software integration

Rack PCs are designed to easily integrate any type of industrial application software.

Intercomp offers the possibility of installing various software used in industrial automation systems for the control of production processes.


Highly customizable

Rack PCs, like most of our industrial solutions, are designed with a high degree of customization.

In fact, we can adapt any type of device to the specific characteristics of each operating context.


Sample production

The sampling of our solutions can be agreed according to different criteria, based on the needs of the customers.

Testing the machine allows to verify, for example, that it is suitable for working optimally within a specific production line.


Advanced technical support

Our value is also expressed through the quality we introduce in proposing and providing a solution.

Our technical support is spread over several levels, from pre-sales to after-sales service.


Final tests and CE

Strict tests are carried out on each device, to comply with CE regulations but above all to certify its quality.

In fact, PCs are subjected to the typical stress conditions present in industrial automation processes.


Supply according to customer requirements

A careful and detailed list of requirements and components can become the best tool to understand customer needs.

In addition to helping to build a collaborative relationship, it is an activity that allows for significant cost reduction.

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