iCOMAC 9000 industrial console monitor

The portrait version display with configurable button panel represents a new concept of customizable solution with the aim of work on human-machine interfaces capable of responding to the present and future needs of companies and operators who have to use 4.0 systems dedicated to management and production.


Double orientation

After an analysis conducted together with the technical and commercial teams and users of our solutions, we designed the iCOMAC 9000 monitor with a double orientation option: landscape and portrait.

With modern methods of use it is in fact necessary to dispose of devices and applications capable of supporting new video interfaces.


Configurable button panel

Based on the process to be governed, customers can install a fully configurable button panel according to their specific needs.

Furthermore, by installing an RFID reader, it is possible to manage what can be viewed by each operator, in relation to the business role as well as to his specific skills.


Complete setup

The industrial monitor with landscape or portrait orientation is a solution designed specifically for industrial contexts.

The device is designed according to a slim design that allows minimum size, also in this console version, and is therefore ideal in environments where space is a key resource.


Five sizes available

iCOMAC 9000 industrial monitor series has been designed and produced in five different sizes equipped with a capacitive multi-touch touchscreen.

In fact, it is possible to choose between the 15.6″, 18.5″, 21.5″, 23.8″ and 27″ versions. Each type is equipped with IP65 grade, a protection against liquids and dust present in an industrial environment.


Arm/VESA mounting

iCOMAC 9000 console monitor can be installed using supports equipped with a standard VESA 100 connection.

This series of industrial displays can therefore be used in console mode, fixed for example to a mechanical arm and easily orientable thanks to the optional side handles.


UL certificate

All its various configurations of the portrait version display with configurable button panel are UL certified.

This international standard guarantees compliance with certain safety requirements, both in relation to the individual device and its specific production process.

Italian excellence

Thanks to our experience we can adapt our solutions to your industrial processes.

Display15.6″/18.5″/21.5″/23.8″/27″ | 16:9 | 1920 x 1080 Full HD
TouchscreenCapacitive type with multi-touch suitable for use with work gloves
Button panel (optional)Configurable
Handles (optional)Positioned laterally
Reader (optional)RFID
CertificationsUL, CE, RoHS
Fixing methodVESA 100
OrientationLandscape | Portrait
IP protection gradeIP65
Type protection grade4X
Operating temperature From 0° C to +50° C

Quality industrial automation


Custom design

Design and production are two phases that start from the definition of the customer’s needs.

The ability to customize each component makes possible to configure tailor-made solutions.


Customer requirements

The list of components is agreed in the initial stages together with the customer, clearly establishing the individual costs.

This is an advantage that allows to establish the ideal configuration for the device right from the start.


Quality tests

The quality of our iCOMAC 9000 monitors is guaranteed by the numerous tests they undergo.

Both the individual components and the products themselves are carefully checked by subjecting them to different stress conditions.


Technical support

The support provided by Intercomp represents a relationship that aims to enhance production capacities, focusing on efficiency and quality.

Thanks to this concrete and present help, we want to guide companies in choosing the best solutions.

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