Intercomp and IXON Cloud together for an efficient and complete management of industrial machines

IXON Cloud is a platform for IoT services dedicated to machine builders, who can thus remotely manage most of the operations for updating and configuring the settings relating to their solutions.


Remote access

With IXON Cloud it is possible to configure a remote access, in a simple and extremely secure way, effectively reducing on-site interventions and saving time and resources.

Connection to PLCs, operator panels or robots is possible from any device and via a single platform, using a VPN connection.


Simple and intuitive interface

The platform interface can be easily modified according to the specific needs of the user, with immediate access to information about the machines.

In this way it is possible to provide customers with a completely customizable interface based on many parameters, including the role and what they will actually manage.


Safety and protection

Security is necessarily an essential and unavoidable parameter, both as regards the corporate network and the managed data.

IXON Cloud guarantees maximum protection both for the tools dedicated to remote access and for the company systems, as well as the managed information.


Immediate installation

Both installation and configuration of IXON solutions is simple and immediate and does not require particular IT skills or staff specialized in software programming.

There is also no need for any additional software to log into the machines, just use the IXON Cloud portal for full management.


IXagent: the agent software

By installing the IXagent software on devices, it is possible to connect them to the IXON Cloud, thus obtaining all the available functions, without the need for additional hardware.


IXrouter: the edge gateway

IXrouter is an industrial-grade device that combines the functionality of a VPN router with those of an IoT edge gateway. It is automatically registered on the IXON Cloud at the first access to the Internet.

IXagent vs. IXrouter

The benefits for machine builders using IXON Cloud


Remote support

Remote access makes it possible to reduce the transfers of technical personnel (especially for unplanned and urgent interventions).

With IXON Cloud it is possible to obtain all the information relating to each individual machine.


Easy installation

The installation and management of the IXagent and IXrouter solutions is very simple and intuitive.

Access to machines via IXON Cloud is possible without installing any additional software or hardware components.


Predictive maintenance

It is possible to get real-time information about wear parts and failure predictions.

In this way each manufacturer can schedule preventive replacements and punctual maintenance.


Maximum security

IXON Cloud guarantees maximum security for the corporate network and for the data managed during operations.

The system, in addition to offering high protection against vulnerabilities, prevents access by unauthorized users.

IIoT platform certified for Industry 4.0

IXON Cloud is a solution designed to integrate best within an Industry 4.0 context and can therefore benefit from the Italian tax credit provided for 4.0 investments.

In fact, IXON products and services have passed tests and checks by one of the major European certification bodies, which has guaranteed compliance with the requirements relating to the capital goods sector 4.0.

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