Stands for industrial operating contexts

Our series of industrial stands includes solutions that can be installed in operating contexts, where resistance to environmental stress is a fundamental requirement.

Self-service devices are specifically design and produced to allow users to interact autonomously, optimally and effectively in a wide range of operations, with capacitive touchscreen.

Italian production of industrial stands and self-service kiosks

Stands designed to offer maximum efficiency in industrial operating contexts and self-service kiosks designed for operations that require optimal interaction with users.

Industrial stand Brianza


Industrial stand | 19″

Extremely resistant case

Numerous optional accessories

Siena stand


Multimedia stand | 22″24″

Indoor use

Capacitive touchscreen

Torino 190 self-service kiosk

Torino 190

Self-service kiosk | 19″

Capacitive touchscreen

A4 laser printer

Torino 194 self-service kiosk

Torino 194

Self-service kiosk | 19″

Different configurations available

Numerous optional accessories

Mantova 171 stand

Mantova 171

Multimedia stand | 17″

Outdoor use

Predisposed for intercom

Discover all the possible uses and operating contexts of our industrial stands.

We have listed below some of the cases in which we have developed customized industrial devices starting from standard solutions.

Other customized solutions are available in the CASE HISTORY section.

Torino Facile

Info-points for municipalities

ATM Milano

Industrial multimedia kiosks


Self-service kiosks for hospital use

IMA Group

Buddy IT cart for production lines

Devices per year

Devices worldwide since 1983

Custom solutions

7 special features that distinguish our industrial stands

    • Solidity: our industrial stands are realized with cases that guarantee stability and sturdiness.
    • Resistance: the design according to industrial criteria allows the devices to be used in potentially critical environments.
    • Multiple contexts: depending on the type of stands, it is possible to choose the solution that best suits every operational need.
    • Hardware customization: it is possible to choose from a wide range of peripherals to install, such as printers and readers of various types.
    • Aesthetic customization: some stands and kiosks can be customized with own colours and logo.
    • Interactivity: industrial stands are designed to facilitate interactivity with the user or operator as much as possible.
    • Touchscreen: some models can be integrated with a capacitive touchscreen, to increase the ease of use.

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