Industrial stands for every operating context

Stands designed for maximum efficiency in industrial and outdoor environments, self-service kiosks created for contexts where interaction with users is expected.

Industrial stands

Our series of industrial stands includes solutions for indoor and outdoor working environments where resistance to stress is a fundamental requirement and self-service devices that allow users to interact independently in carrying out a series of operations.

Totem industriale Brianza



Stainless-steel keyboard and mouse

RFID and barcode readers

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An industrial stand designed for particularly difficult environments built in anti-scratch, anti-fingerprint and impact resistant steel.

In addition to the stainless-steel keyboard and mouse, it is designed to support an RFID and a barcode reader.

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Siena indoor stand


22″ | 24″

Indoor environments

Capacitive touchscreen

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An indoor stand created for consulting information and for optimal interaction with users.

It features a robust steel frame with a customizable plexiglass panel.

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Self-sevice kiosk Torino 190

Torino 190


Capacitive touchscreen

A4 laser printer

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A self-service kiosk designed with a sturdy customizable anti-vandal painted steel case.

The A4 laser printer is equipped with a 250-sheet drawer and an optional 500-sheet one is available.

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Self-sevice kiosk Torino 194

Torino 194


Different configurations available

Optional readers and printer

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A versatile and adaptable self-service kiosk, thanks to the different types of configurations available.

In addition to the stainless-steel keyboard and mouse and the 80 mm thermal printer, it is possible to install various types of readers.

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Totem da esterno Mantova



Outdoor environments

Predisposed for intercom

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A stand designed for outdoor environments, with a heater, two-fan cooling system and dust filters.

It is designed for the installation of an intercom and is protected by anti-vandal systems.

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Discover all the possible uses and application contexts of our industrial stands

We have listed below some of the cases in which we have developed customized industrial-type devices starting from standard solutions. Other customized solutions are available in the CASE HISTORY section.

Info-points for municipalities

Industrial multimedia kiosks

Self-service kiosks for hospital use

Buddy IT cart for production lines

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Devices worldwide since 1983

Custom solutions

7 special features that distinguish our industrial stands

⭕️ Solidity: our industrial stands are designed with cases that guarantee stability and robustness.

⭕️ Resistance: the industrial design allows the stands to be used in environments with difficult conditions.

⭕️ Multiple contexts: based on the type of stand, it is possible to choose the solution that best suits specific needs.

⭕️ Hardware customization: it is possible to choose from a wide range of peripherals to install, such as printers and readers.

⭕️ Aesthetic customization: some industrial stands can be customized with own colors and logo.

⭕️ Interactivity: industrial stands are designed to make interactivity with the user or operator as easy as possible.

⭕️ Touchscreen: it is possible to integrate some models with a capacitive touchscreen, to increase the practicality of use.

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