Interactive stands for museums


Advanced interactivity


"Turnkey" solution


Special structure for outdoor

A stand to make the museum interactive to all its visitors

Constantly online and available until one or two at night, it allows citizens and to all passers-by to interact with the museum and its works. It transmits media content in multiple languages and allows to face a virtual tour inside the museum.


Constantly online

The stand that can be used outside guaranteeing reliability and visibility.

In the days of intense light, it maintains a degree of brightness so effective that the visibility of the screen remains at the highest levels.


Customized to be harmonized with the historical center

Because of its physical centrality in historical landscape, the project had the need to have a technological structure, but harmoniously inserted into the city.


Software integration

The stand is able to reproduce the activities of the City and of the museum and it can connect seamlessly between online administrative platform and the sites on which the interactive pages of internal works to museums were created.

Customer requirements

⭕️ Based on the “open city concept, the Municipality and civic museums are committed to creating a path that could take to the streets municipal activities and its arts.

⭕️ Identify technological elements that make the use of messages simple and pleasant.

⭕️ A device that also physically marks the passage towards a technology city ever closer to the citizen.

Developed solution

✔️ The Multimedia Stand for outdoor use is designed with a higher degree of brightness.

✔️ Its high-level hardware structure makes the Stand very performing, able to use applications of a certain weight and conveying messages very quickly.

✔️ The device is designed in a sophisticated and highly functional design and can dissipate heat very easily.

FeedBack: what do they think about our solution?

The Councillor of Culture Giovanni Cunico

Municipality of Bassano del Grappa

“Today, an extraordinary transaction has ended, it is another important part of the transformation of the Civic Museum. It Switchs from museums ‘introverted‘ to an ‘extroverted‘ museum, and it wants to look outside and beyond its own walls.”

Comment of the Councillor in the “Totem and Taboo” article, in the informative site.

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