Industrial automation & Information Technology

We were among the first to design and produce electronic motherboards, microprocessors and add-on boards in the 80s.

Today we are the pioneers of industrial automation and of the industry of the future.

Panel PC industriali

Industrial panel PCs

Panel PC industriali

Industrial arm/VESA PCs

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Industrial HMIs

Industrial panel monitors

Industrial panel monitors

Industrial arm/VESA monitors

Industrial arm/VESA monitors

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Industrial box and rack PCs


Multifunctional devices

Our hardware devices dedicated to industrial automation are designed with mechanical and technical specifications that allow them to adapt to multiple operating contexts, while maintaining excellent levels of uptime throughout the life of the product.


Advanced performance

Once the assembly phase is completed, our industrial solutions are all rigorously tested to ensure long-term superior performance. This is an extremely important requirement, as these devices must be able to seamlessly support any industrial software.


Resistance in critical contexts

All the industrial PCs and monitors we create are designed and equipped with a higher degree of protection than the standard. In fact, our technologies can also be installed and used in production contexts with particularly critical environmental conditions.


Industrial design

The design phase of our hardware follows the typical criteria of the industrial world, in compliance with the regulations and standards required in sectors such as pharmaceuticals and food, therefore very stringent for example in terms of sanitation and resistance.


Continuous use

Each Intercomp device is checked in special test areas, which simulate extreme conditions (for example temperature changes, vibrations, performance) and allow our department to select only products that can guarantee continuous use at full operation (H24).


Universal adaptability

Intercomp products are designed with a great ability to integrate into existing structures: they are adaptable to multiple types of supports, such as mechanical ones or VESA mounts, but they can also be wall mounted or fixed on a DIN rail, depending on the specific context.

Quality industrial automation


Custom design

Intercomp has been in the inner circle of excellence in the Italian engineering sector for many years, developing superior quality solutions produced within its headquarters in Verona.


Supply with customer requirements

Constant dialogue with the customer is the basis on which the design of every single product is based, with the aim of responding effectively to the needs of an ever-evolving industrial system.


Severe acceptance tests

We offer products that are guaranteed and tested through severe controls, to certify their operational capacity and level of resistance to the stresses present within the production lines.


Supply guarantee

The industrial automation sector, more than any other, needs to guarantee a long product life. Precisely for this reason we can guarantee the supply of our devices for up to 7 years.


Prototypes and samples

All phases of design and prototyping are constantly monitored and shared with our customers, who can thus test the machine directly in the field before actual production.


Certified products

We test all our products to stay in line with European Community regulations, to which we add additional controls to ensure an excellent service to all our customers.

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to integrate industrial software?

We offer solutions compatible with all types of modern industrial automation software. We also provide complete solutions with pre-integrated software.

What kind of support are used for installation?

Our devices are designed for installation using all types of supports on the market: VESA, wall mount or DIN rail installations. The advantage of an in-house production department is precisely that of being able to create extremely versatile products.

What are the average delivery times of our products?

Delivery times are fully in line with the needs of the industrial automation sector. Our production capacity is over 70,000 machines per year.

How long are spare parts available?

For over 7 years, we guarantee all our customers the possibility of using our technologies without the need to constantly update them.

Intercomp S.p.A.

Our success has its roots in the technical experience that we have acquired over the years and it is this experience that allows us to offer avant-garde Hardware solutions, both standard and made to measure, that are completely in line with customer requirements.

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