All-In-One rugged 10.4″

The All-In-One rugged PCs are small highly sophisticated devices. Their strong selling point is their versatility, so they can adapt to different contexts, even the most critical ones, thanks to their reinforced structure.


Suitable for continuous use

The All-In-One rugged PCs are excellent platforms for the control and management of automated industrial processes and can remain constantly operational for long periods of time.

The processors installed on this device have been developed in such a way that they can sustain huge workloads for long periods, whilst still maintaining a reduced energetic impact.


Fanless system

The fanless system of the All-In-One rugged PC is protected from dust entry and as such, the maintenance costs for the device are practically non-existent.

This system also guarantees an optimal internal temperature even if the device is subjected to intense and continuous use.


VESA connector

The All-In-One PC is a hybrid version which aims to meet different structural needs in different contexts.

It is an extremely handy tool designed also for installation on a common mechanical arm that supports the VESA connection.


Capacitive touchscreen system

The All-In-One rugged PC is purposely designed with a capacitive type touchscreen.

This makes the graphics and the level of interaction better and it is more suitable for small screens.


Resistant to high temperatures and pressure

The All-In-One rugged PC was designed to be used in critical operational conditions.

It was in fact first successfully utilised inside a hyperbaric chamber, where it resisted pressure of 30 bars.


IP54 grade protection on the front side and integrated webcam

The rugged PC’s IP54 grade protection keeps it isolated from dust and partially isolated from spillages.

The device is water-resistant on all sides, but the presence of the webcam means that it cannot be totally impermeable.

Italian excellence
Thanks to our experience, we are able to adapt our solutions to your industrial processes.
Ample availability of I/O portsNumber and type of ports can be personalised upon request
MainboardIndustrial type, can be personalised upon request
TouchscreenCapacitive type, can also be used with work gloves
Supported operating systemsAll industrial use software
CertificationsCE, RoHS
Dimensions (L x H x D)
293.75 mm x 240.75 mm x 46.5 mm
WebcamFrontally integrated

Quality industrial automation services


Possibility to integrate software

All of our rugged All-In-One PCs are compatible with any kind of industrial use software.

Intercomp also offers the possibility to install some applications for industrial automation process management.


Test trials and CE

The rugged All-In-One PCs are rigorously tested to check the quality of the device itself and all of its components.

This phase is structured in accordance with the regulations set out in the Official Journal of the European Union.


Technical support

The technical support that we provide our clients with is usually divided into various phases and involves more than one department.

Depending on the needs of our clients, we put a series of steps into action to be able to offer the appropriate support.


Mechanical and electronic design CUSTOM made solutions

Something that really makes our organisation stand out is our skill and experience in developing customised hardware technology.

This gives us a distinct advantage when we find ourselves in a particular situation with a client and we need to interpret their expectations and then go that extra mile to exceed them.


Meeting client needs

We are able to reach a specific agreement with all our clients with the aim of fully understanding their requirements.

In doing so, we hope to lay the foundations for a good working relationship based on the values of trust and honesty.


Production of a sample

The production of a sample or a pre-series depends on how our clients intend to test the product.

This activity is aimed at strengthening the trust based relationship that we aim to have with all our clients

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