Embedded and stand alone PCs

Specific solutions for different production needs

Embedded and stand alone PCs

The embedded and stand alone PCs are designed to be integrated into specific automated industry contexts where they can be relied upon to satisfy the most common needs.

iCE 19000 Celeron® embedded PC

185 mm x 48 mm x 165 mm

This smaller sized embedded PC is fitted with an Intel® Celeron® processor.

It has a reliable and efficient fanless system capable of meeting standard automated industrial process needs.


iCE 19001 4LAN embedded PC

185 mm x 48 mm x 142 mm

The 4 LAN embedded PC was created to meet specific needs within industrial processes.

It is a highly efficient compact product with Intel® J1900 processors and can easily be adapted to different supports.

iCE 19002 5 COM embedded PC

185 mm x 48 mm x 165 mm

A compact embedded PC solution, suitable for use in situations where a connection to other peripheral connectors is required.

It’s an extremely reliable fanless device which has an Intel® BayTrail Celeron® J1900 processor installed on it.

iCE 29300 compact embedded PC

116 mm x 65 mm x 110 mm

High performance, compact size and excellent design are the features that make this PC embedded model one of the best solutions for any type of industrial installation.

The sophisticated fanless cooling system ensures excellent thermal balance even in poor ventilation.

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