iCE 19001 embedded PC with 4 LAN connectors

The embedded PC with 4 LAN connectors was designed as a solution for working environments where various hardware structures have to be connected to each-other, to create reliable peripheral control.


Suitable for continuous use

The embedded PC with 4 LAN connectors can remain at maximum operational levels whilst in continual use for a long period of time. It is a reliable and tested solution for industrial automation environments where continual production output is required.


Fanless system

The embedded PC boasts an excellent fanless cooling system, created for dusty environments. It is also a good choice to avoid the periodic maintenance costs associated with a fan cooling system that doesn’t use special filters.


A wall mounting kit, VESA connector or DIN rail

This embedded PC with 4 LAN connectors was designed to be used in a variety of contexts. In fact, the computer is supplied with all necessary material so that the device can be mounted in the way which bests suits the working environment.


Solid structure for industrial use

The embedded PC boasts a steel painted solid frame designed for industrial use. This line of devices was created based on a modern design concept which is evident in its modern lines, but also in its effective heat dispersal.

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CompatibilityAll industrial software
AccessoriesWall mount kit
CertificationsCE, RoHS
Dimensions (L x H x D) 185 mm x 48 mm x 142 mm

Having a better industrial automation solution


Possibility to integrate software

The embedded PC with 4 LAN connectors can easily integrate different software, which means that any application from the world of industry can be used with it.

Intercomp also provides two software technologies that make it possible to manage and control automation processes at various levels.


Final tests

The embedded PC adheres to all the protocols and hardware production regulations as outlined in the Official Journal of the European Union.

In edition to the European Certification, Intercomp also sees fit to subject all the devices to further tests to ensure the quality of the products in terms of resistance to the stresses commonly found in industrial environments.

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