Industrial monitor True Flat

The industrial monitors True Flat are used for the management of a production process or remote control. Its use a capacitive touchscreen technology that is suitable for use with gloves and extremely adaptable to multiple needs.

Industrial monitor production

Fanless system

An optimal solution to reduce maintenance costs, linked to the cleaning of the debris from sediment areas over time.

It is an efficient and tested system for maintaining the temperature at optimal levels.


VESA connection or operator panel

The industrial monitors have a surprising adaptation ability, both in hardware and in software.

The following models have the industry standard, that is, the fixed size of the panel, but also the classic VESA connection.


Capacitive touchscreen system

True Flat industrial monitors are solutions that utilize a modern capacitive touchscreen system.

This technology allows operators to work even when wearing protective gloves.

The touchscreen system is in direct contact with the glass and allows the device to achieve an increase in image quality and resistance to liquid overflow.

Industrial display production

Suitable for continuous use

The use of Intercomp marked industrial monitors are a guarantee of reliability, it is a product specially developed to be able to adapt to any need.

Its mechanical and electronic structure allows it to be able to work at its maximum in a continuous way for a long product life.


Alluminium in various versions

The industrial monitor True Flat is designed in three different screen sizes; 15.6″, 18.5″ and 21.5″.

It can be also customized on request, in the event that our interlocutor has to tailor the solution to a specific terminal.


Degree of protection IP65 on the front side

In all its versions the degree of impermeability to liquids of industrial monitors True Flat is IP65.

The anodized aluminum frame guarantees a high degree of hygiene and a high degree of resistance.

Italian excellence

Thanks to our experience we adapt our solutions to your industrial processes.

Ample availability of I/O portsCustomizable on request
IP gradeFront IP65
CertificationsCE, RoHS
Operating temperature
From 0°C to +60°C: 15.6″ and 18.5″ | From 0°C to +50°C: 21.5″
InstallationPanel mount | VESA

Having qualitative automation solutions

Hardware display production

Software integration capability

The monitor True Flat for industrial use are able to integrate with any software.

Should it be necessary, we ourselves provide the ability to integrate some very sophisticated software management and control of industrial automation processes.


Advance tech support

Intercomp enjoys an excellent service that structuring tiered able to satisfy different needs.

We are helping our customers both in pre-sale and after sales, but also in finding the best solutions in the context in which our customers operate.


European production Certification

Our production line since it was built, has been structured in order to have a big department at least as a production line dedicated exclusively to quality control.

The European Certification is in fact only a part of the numerous types of tests that we carry out on our devices.

Industrial LCD production

Mechanical and electrical design CUSTOM

The industrial monitors True Flat belong to a line of standard products that responds very well to the common needs of our customers.

However, if there is a need to customize a device, our customers will have a company rich in expertise and experience in delivering CUSTOM products for industrial automation.


Production of sampling

Head yourself the product, use it a few days and let us know what you think.

We want to be sure you realize just what you were looking for, with the product in your hands you will be able to establish the functionality of your requests.

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