Vertical-horizontal industrial monitor

The iCOMAC 7700 capacitive industrial monitors with vertical-horizontal orientation are devices designed for any type of industrial context. The open frame display is available in various dimensions and is equipped with a capacitive multi-touch touchscreen.

Industrial display

Various dimensions available

This type of vertical-horizontal industrial monitor is available in different sizes, in order to meet every need.

In fact, it is possible to choose the size of the monitor from a wide range of versions available: 10.1″, 15.6″, 21.5″, 23.8″, 27 “, 32″, 43″ and 55″.


Industrial resistance

The industrial design of this monitor allows it to be used even in potentially “difficult” environments, such as production ones.

The display is equipped with a 7H surface resistance which protects it from scratches and bumps, while maintaining optimal interaction.


IP65 protection

The protection dedicated to industrial environments is completed by the degree of protection this industrial monitor is equipped with.

The device is in fact designed with a front IP65, which guarantees its integrity against dust and liquids.


Industrial monitors

Vertical orientation

The iCOMAC 7700 industrial monitor can also be positioned in vertical orientation.

This is a feature that can prove to be extremely useful for reducing the overall dimensions of a control station.


Capacitive touchscreen

The projected capacitive touchscreen of the iCOMAC 7700 monitors guarantees high performance and maximum touch accuracy.

The multi-touch function also allows efficient and optimal interaction up to 10 simultaneous touches.


Possibility of installation

The extremely robust structure of these monitors allows them to be positioned in any operational context.

In addition to the possibility of mounting on a VESA support, the device can also be installed using external mounting brackets.

Italian excellence

Thanks to our experience we adapt our solutions to your industrial process.

DisplayLED | Open frame
Dimensions10.1″ | 15.6″ | 21.5″ | 23.8″ | 27″ | 32″ | 43″ | 55″
TouchscreenProjected capacitive | 10-point multi-touch
IP protectionFront IP65
CertificationsCE, RoHS
I/O connections
Viewing angle 178° horizontal | 178° vertical

Quality solutions for industrial automation

Industrial display production

Software integration

ICOMAC 7700 monitors, like other solutions dedicated to the industrial sector, are designed to integrate with any software.

In particular, it is possible to integrate some very sophisticated software for the management and control of industrial automation processes.


Advanced support

Intercomp assistance service is able to effectively support every need of the customers who use these products.

In fact, it is an advanced support capable of involving both the pre-sales and post-sales phases.


European certification

Our entire production line has been structured with the presence of an internal department used exclusively for quality control.

The European Certification is in fact only one of the numerous marks based on the tests we carry out on our devices.

Industrial LCD production

CUSTOM design

ICOMAC industrial monitors belong to a line of products capable of responding effectively to customer needs.

In the event that customizations are required, our customers can count on a company rich in skills and experience.


Supply with customer requirements

The seriousness, precision and reliability of a company are qualities that are measured in detail.

Close contact with our customers is important to establish the most advantageous solutions, in economic terms and in terms of efficiency.


Sampling production

It is possible to test the product, using it to then be able to provide us with all the feedbacks that confirm the goodness of the choice.

We offer our customers the possibility to use the product in their own environment to be able to fully verify all its functions.

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