Industrial aluminium & steel monitor

Intercomp industrial monitors are the ideal automation process control tools designed to integrate fluidly into any mechanical and electronic system without having to change entire hardware units by reducing the cost of transforming the production lines.


Suitable for continuous use

The mechanical peculiarities of the Intercomp industrial monitors are indeed able to satisfy two major prerogatives of the industrial automation:

  • able to be easily integrated into any existing mechanical and electronic system;
  • moreover it is able to maintain the highest operating level in continuous mode for a long period of time with discreet fluidity without the risk of having to break a production process.
Industrial aluminium monitor

IP65 protection degree on the front side

The aluminium or steel frame provides a strong protection and robustness to the structure of the industrial monitor.

Both materials have a IP65 degree of protection from liquids on the front side, making the device completely waterproof.


Fanless system

The fanless industrial monitor system is a sophisticated technology that allows a passive cooling.

Moreover a further benefit of this solution in addition to its high efficiency is the ability to emit no noise.


Resistive touchscreen system

The industrial touchscreen display system is a resistive type, a solid technology that we use with great familiarity ensuring high accuracy touch.

These systems can all be used with latex or work gloves while maintaining high accuracy thanks to a system based on pressure points.

Industrial steel monitor

Aluminium or steel frame in 3 versions

Depending on the requirements of the automation process, Intercomp industrial monitors are manufactured in different versions: 15″, 17″ or 19″.

Monitors in anodized aluminium are available in different versions of anodizing, depending on the color shade it is necessary to obtain. The ones in stainless steel AISI 316 can ensure a typical higher level of sanitation for fharmaceutical and food environments.


VESA connections or operator panel

Intercomp industrial monitors can be installed on different types of standard support, like operator panels or VESA connections.

Thanks to the design department, we can still adapt our solutions to any structure.

Italian excellence

Thanks to our experience we are able to adapt our solutions to your industrial processes.

Ample availability of I/O portsNumber and type of ports can be personalised upon request
TouchscreenResistive type that can be used even with work gloves
Supported operating systems
All industrial use software
CertificationsCE, RoHS
DisplayLCD with LED technology – 15″/17″/19″
Operating temperatureFrom 0°C to +60°C

Industrial Hardware Production services

industrial display design

Software integration possibility

The industrial monitors support any kind of present industrial software on the market.

Moreover Intercomp offers the ability to integrate commonly used software systems into automation systems to coordinate simple and repetitive production and control activities.


Production of samples

The prototyping of the Industrial monitors follows different stages of production from sampling to the creation of a pre-series.

This is a way we guarantee our customers the reliability and efficiency of our departments.



In addition to the European production Certification, the Intercomp quality protocol also follows further checkpoints.

This is a specific test that will recreate critical scenarios inside the production chains, such as maximum operating capacity, temperature or vibration resistance tests.

industrial display production

Mechanical and electrical design CUSTOM

The design of industrial monitors follows a line that tends to satisfy the needs of the common character in industrial automation processes.

Thanks to our experience, however, we are able to satisfy the needs of specific production segments that require unique solutions.


Advanced support

Intercomp support begins long before the term of the product realization.

Our team tends to become a key ally especially in the phase that precedes the production and design.

Through research and materials and feasibility studies we intend to identify the best solution to the needs of specific sectors of our customers.


Supply with customer requirements

The list of components is the guarantee we provide to all our customers in order to measure in detail production costs, usually useful for working on the final price of the devices.

We see it as an excellent opportunity for an analysis of our individual interlocutors needs, offering in response a particularly in-line solution to the industrial reference process.

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Our success has its roots in the technical experience that we have acquired over the years and it is this experience that allows us to offer avant-garde Hardware solutions, both standard and made to measure, that are completely in line with customer requirements.

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