Industrial panel PCs

Advanced solutions for the control of production processes with capacitive or resistive touchscreen

The series of industrial PCs ideal for any type of production context

iCOMAC series panel PCs are industrial design and production devices capable of providing high-level performance with an extremely high degree of reliability. They are available in different configurations, according to the needs of the operating context, with various display sizes and capacitive or resistive touchscreen.

Panel PC industriale capacitivo


10.4″/12.1″ | Fanless | Multi-touch | Front IP65

iCOMAC 7200

15.6″/18.5″/21.5″ | Fanless | Multi-touch | True Flat | Front IP65

iCOMAC 7200 inox

15.6″ | Fanless | Multi-touch | True Flat | Front IP69K

iCOMAC 8200

18.5″ | Fanless | Multi-touch | True Flat | Front IP65 | CE/UL/EAC

iCOMAC 9000

15.6″/21.5″/23.8″/27″ | Fanless | Multi-touch | True Flat | Front IP65 | CE/UL

Panel PC industriale resistivo

iCOMAC 5110

10.1″ | Fanless | Anodized aluminium | Front IP65

iCOMAC 5115

15″ | Fanless | Digital I/O | Front IP65


15″ | Fanless | Configurable function keys | Front IP65

iCOMAC 6100

15″/17″/19″ | Fanless | Anodized aluminium/stainless steel | Front IP65

Our industrial Panel PCs created for important manufacturing companies

Industrial custom made Panel PCs

Industrial PCs for visual inspection and tracking systems

Copertina Thermo Fisher Scientific

Panel PCs for the food industry

PC panel industriali con enclosure Rittal

Panel PCs for Industry 4.0

How to choose the ideal panel PCs for every need

Industrial panel PCs are key devices for industrial automation contexts, both now and in the near future. These are advanced devices that must be designed to meet several parameters in order to ensure a high level of efficiency and reliability. This article lists some of the features that we consider absolutely necessary to be evaluated when purchasing industrial panel PCs, in order to use solutions capable of guaranteeing high-level operations and performance in every smart factory.

Type of use

Degree of protection


Technical features

Production criteria


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