iCOMAC 5110 industrial panel PC

iCOMAC 5110 panel PCs are compact devices with fanless technology and resistive touchscreen suitable for industrial use. Thanks to their excellent performance and adaptability, they can respond effectively to many needs.


10.1" display

iCOMAC 5110 panel PC is designed in a compact size, with an extremely small 10.1″ display.

It is the ideal choice in case the minimum footprint is needed within a particular industrial context.


Capacitive touchscreen

The 10.1″ iCOMAC 5110 panel PC is equipped with a very precise resistive touchscreen system.

In fact, it allows operators to interact quickly and effectively even while wearing work gloves.


Fanless system

Products that use a fanless system are ideal for industrial environments, where fans could create problems.

In fact, this system avoids both dust raising and the costs involved in maintaining a fan system.


IP65 protection grade

iCOMAC 5110 panel PC is designed to be effectively protected against the access of liquids and dust.

In fact, the front IP65 grade, which is necessary in production environments, avoids contact with external agents that could damage the machine.


Suitable for continuous use

Intercomp creates its products dedicated to industrial use with a technology capable of guaranteeing high levels of operation.

The 5110 panel PC performs extremely well even during continuous use, keeping the performance always at maximum speed.


Fixing methods

iCOMAC 5110 panel PCs are designed for panel mount installation, directly on the machine they operate.

The extremely compact 10.1″ format guarantees a small footprint in every production line.

Italian excellence

Thanks to our experience we can adapt our solutions to your industrial processes.

Display10.1″ | 16:10 | 1280 x 800
TouchscreenResistive type suitable for use with work gloves
Supported operating systemsAll industrial use software
CertificationsCE, RoHS
Fixing methods
Panel mount
Protection grade
Front IP65
Operating temperatureFrom 0° to +60°C
Non operating temperatureFrom -10° to +60°C
Cooling system

Quality industrial automation


Software Integration

Intercomp devices can be easily integrated with all commonly used industrial software.

iCOMAC 5110 panel PCs can also be distributed with industrial process management and control software already installed.



Strict acceptance tests are carried out on all models, even in various types of stress situations.

The data relating to the individual tests can be consulted by the customer through access to the relevant database.


European Certification

Like all other Intercomp products, the iCOMAC 5110 panel PC is equipped with the European production Certification.

Further quality certifications are carried out during testing and can be consulted by the customer.


Custom design

The PC panel 10.1″ resistive can be customized as needed, to adapt to different types of support.

Thanks to the experience of our hardware design and production departments, we can create tailor-made solutions.


Supply with customer requirements

The list of product components is defined with the customer, in order to clarify the costs of the device from the outset.

For example, the materials to be used are determined to arrive at an optimal configuration of the device.


Production and prototyping

It is possible to carry out a sample production, with the aim of establishing if the solution is in line with the needs.

This is a significant advantage, which allows the client to test the product directly on the field.

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