PC panel with Intel® chipset

The 6100 PC panel with the frame in AISI 316 stainless steel or anodised aluminium with Intel® chipset is a powerful industrial computer that can be easily adapted to different production and control processes by implementing Intel® processors.


Suitable for continuous use

This line of panel PCs was developed for installation inside industrial processes where operational continuity is required.

Thanks to new generation Intel® processors these are high performing reliable and efficient products.


Fanless system

The steel panel PCs use a modern fanless cooling system.

Apart from being a more efficient system, eliminating the fans brings with it a number of benefits such as reduced maintenance costs.

The system causes less dust and therefore significantly reduces the dirt deposits both on the internal systems and the computer itself.


Touchscreen resistive system

The steel panel PCs boast a sophisticated touchscreen system that allows the workers to use them even when they’re wearing work gloves.

This is down to the fact that the resistor system is made up of a double layer of conductive material which is able to establish the exact point of contact when pressure is exerted.


VESA attachment or operating panel

The steel panel PCs were created with the aim of making them adaptable for all supports inside standard industrial processes.

It boasts an attachment that can be personalised upon request into a standard operating panel or a standard VESA attachment.


Custom built

The iCOMAC 6100 stainless steel PC panel is a solution that was developed in response to the logic and needs of particular industrial processes such as foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals.

We can therefore customize our hardware structures according to size, materials and degree of protection.


IP65 protection degree on the front

The whole device is protected from liquids, but the front side has a superior level of protection that reaches IP65.


Removable HDD and SSD

The PC panel 6100 memory cards can be easily removed without having to disassemble the entire device.
Italian excellence
Thanks to our experience we are able to adapt our solutions to your industrial processes.
Ample availability of I/O portsNumber and type of ports can be personalised upon request
TouchscreenResistive type that can be used even with work gloves
Supported operating systemsAll industrial use software
CertificationsCE, RoHS
DisplayLCD with LED technology – 15″/17″/19″

Quality industrial automation services


Possibility to integrate software

All of the iCOMAC 6100 steel panel PCs can integrate standard industrial software systems.

Our devices can run HMI solutions that control production processes, the most sophisticated software for the management of industrial mechanisms and can also integrate different functions that are useful in production.


Excellent technical support

Intercomp is your main ally when it comes to creating superb automated industrial solutions.

We offer our clients support in any way we can as we believe that the best solution can only be achieved by bringing together our joint experiences.

We guarantee maximum openness when dealing with client requests and produce viability reports so that you can choose from the best technologies on the market.


European Certification for production

The iCOMAC 6100 steel panels are guaranteed and tested so that they meet European production standards.

Aside from the standard tests that are required by law, Intercomp also subjects every single product and its materials to a series of tests to check resistance to temperatures, pressure and vibrations.

These tests are a guarantee of quality for our clients; they can check the details thanks to our system that tracks the properties of each device.


Mechanical and electronic design CUSTOM made solutions

Thanks to our production and planning department, we are able to offer made to measure products.

We often find ourselves dealing with requests that can only be met after a detailed evaluation and further understanding of our clients’ real needs.

Our production and planning teams play a vital role in making your solutions successful ones.


Meeting client needs

Synergy between the client and the planning team often results in the formulation of a precious list of requirements that need to be met.

We consider these requests fundamental in enabling us to create solutions that are in line with the quality of service we wish to provide.


Production of a sample

Usually, we divide this service into three phases.

Prototype, sample, pre-series production. These three activities allow our clients to carefully evaluate the capabilities of the devices produced.

This is an important check that has the aim not only of certifying the quality of a product, but more importantly, aims to increase the overall quality of our service.

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