High performance panel PC for industrial environments

The panel PC 5115 is a high-performance industrial device designed specifically to maintain the highest level of performance and efficiency even in difficult environments. The possibility of having different configurations regarding Digital I/O contributes to making this solution extremely versatile and adaptable to any type of context.


Resistive touchscreen

The resistive fanless panel PC 5115 features a touchscreen with resistive technology capable of effectively resisting stresses, while ensuring an excellent level of precision.

This device is in fact designed for industrial work contexts in which it is necessary to interact without problems with the machines, often wearing personal protective equipment such as gloves.


Fanless cooling system

The panel PC 5115 is equipped with a fanless cooling system, an ideal feature for every device potentially in contact with different types of dust and processing waste.

Eliminating the classic cooling fans is a choice that allows above all to gain efficiency, eliminate noise, reduce costs and time for maintenance and cleaning of the product.


Suitable for continuous use

The resistive fanless panel PC 5115 is designed to ensure maximum performance within industrial processes where continuous and uninterrupted operation is required.

Processors designed by Intel® help to make this device an extremely powerful and advanced technological support for every type of production line and production process.


Digital I/O

The configuration options of the panel PC 5115 also extend to Digital I/O. In fact, various input and output combinations can be installed, for a total of 16 bits, according to needs.

The type of connectors, all opto-isolated, can thus be configured by precisely balancing the needs that each industrial process requires for its proper performance.


Degree of protection

The resistive fanless panel PC 5115 is protected on the front side from liquids and dust, as well as the USB connector installed inside the frame and equipped with a rubber cap, with a degree of protection that reaches IP65.

The rear side, with a case and protected fairlead, guarantees an IP40. This is a peculiarity that allows to maintain this degree of protection even with an installation on a VESA support.


Removable HDD and SSD

To make maintenance of the resistive fanless panel PC 5115 even more practical, the storage of the device has been designed to be removed by using a drawer.

This is an extremely important and useful feature for an industrial type of product, as it allows to act and work on the panel PC without the need to open it completely.

Italian excellence

Thanks to our experience we adapt our solutions to your industrial process.

Display15″ | 4:3 | 1024×768
TouchscreenResistive type that can be used even with work gloves
Digital I/O (available connectors)8 digital output | 8 digital input | 4 digital output + 4 digital input
Supported operating systemsAll industrial use software
CertificationsCE, RoHS
Degree of protection (front side)IP65 (USB connector included)
Degree of protection (rear side)IP40

Quality industrial automation


Delivery with customer requirements

The synergy that we establish with our customers at the time of design often starts from the setting of the list of supply requirements, which respond to specific production needs.

This is a requirement that we believe is fundamental to be able to create solutions that are in line with the quality levels that we are used to guarantee to all our customers.


Custom design

Our design and production departments play a key role in the creation and supply of all types of bespoke products, made according to particular customer needs.

In fact, it often happens that we are faced with specific requests that can only be satisfied after a careful evaluation that can adequately interpret them, in order to create a real customized solution.


Advanced technical support

We are able to guarantee advanced support to answer every possible request. In fact, we believe that to achieve the best results it is essential to combine our skills with those of the customer.

The creation of specific feasibility studies is an essential choice for carefully selecting the most reliable, efficient and advanced technologies available on the market.


Software integration

The resistive fanless panel PC 5115 is specifically designed for perfect integration with the most common and used software installed within industrial production lines.

The device can support HMI solutions for the control of production processes, as well as the possibility of integrating many other functions necessary in production contexts.


European certification

The iCOMAC 5115 panel PC has the European Production Certification, to which further tests are added in order to test the resistance to temperatures, pressures and vibrations.

These are tests that represent a guarantee of quality for our customers, who can check the specifications of each device ordered thanks to the traceability system dedicated to the products.



The prototyping, sampling and pre-production activities allow each customer to evaluate the real capabilities of the devices produced with extreme precision.

Also, in this case it is a verification that, in addition to certifying the quality of a device, significantly increases the quality level of the service that our company wants to offer.

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