Industrial box PC C300

The industrial box PC C300 are versatile hardware solutions, able to adapt to different critic contexts. They have a modern and functional case that allows the entire structure to cool without the need for fans.


Last generation CPU

This PC was developed in order to satisfy any functional needs of our interlocutors.

These are Intel® upgraded processors that allow operators to initiate processes quickly, support advanced programs, and above all, will be able to last for a long time.


Desktop, wall mount, DIN rail

Our customers use our box PC C300 mainly by installing it in industrial electrical panels, however, the solution is able to adapt to different types of support, thanks to the assembly kit offered together with the computer itself.


RAID HDD/SSD removable

The box PC is equipped with 2 HDD or 2 SSDs with removable external RAID technology, without the need to disassemble the entire PC.


Suitable for continuous use

These are solutions of high technological value and are able to maintain a constant degree of operation without deteriorating over time.

An excellent solution for industrial environments where there is a need to have a product that can last over time.


Solid structure in painted steel for industrial environments

The frame of the box PC C300 has a dynamic shape, entirely open with a solid and painted cases for industrial environments.

The holes and the technology of the product components allow for rapid heat dissipation, without compromising the functions of electrical or environmental panel in which it is installed.

Italian excellence

Thanks to our experience we adapt our solutions to your industrial processes.

Ample availability of I/O portsNumber and type of ports can be personalised upon request
MainboardIndustrial type
Operating temperature
From 0°C to +45°C
Operating system
All industrial software
CertificationsCE, RoHS

Having a qualitative automation solution


Software integration capability

The industrial box PCs are able to integrate any software system.

Thanks to collaboration with our technology partners we are now able to offer two software solutions that manage the production process with HMI systems and more sophisticated.


Technical support

In our departments, our stakeholders are always flanked by advanced technical support that can support the critical issues that may arise in critical manufacturing processes.


European production Certificarion

The industrial box PCs are rigorously tested and certified according to the standards in force in the European Community.

We also have a special room, a super clean environment essential to assemble monitor and case, preventing the infiltration of fine dust.


Mechanical and electrical design CUSTOM

The box PC industrial solutions are very versatile, its case lends itself easily to any customizations.

At the request of our partners, we can add specific modules to maximize the space of the case or to further enhance the capabilities of the device.


Supply with customer requirements

Determining clearly the materials and costs of each single component of the device is a key requirement.

This is a quality guarantee for our customers, but also a great opportunity to waste the final product costs.


Production of sampling

All of our products follow a precise process of transformation that aims to offer our customers the best solution based on established requirements.

The sampling operation allows us to test our solutions where we want to evaluate together with our customers the perfect product success.

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