Great power and reliability

Box PCs 7100 are high-performance devices suitable for many uses, with a degree of reliability and a very high expandability. The fanless system makes these devices ideal for working environments.


Suitable for continuous use

The 7110 box PCs are able to provide incredible performance with the latest generation Intel® processors.

These devices have exceptional capabilities, being able to work continuously on maximum operation.

Its features and performance enable to adapt it to different operational environments.


Desktop or wall mounting

Versatility is one of the key elements of this box PC. It can easily be integrated into industrial automation environments.

The high performance of this PC allows its installation even on a machine.

It can in any case be used as a desktop PC in technical environments where specific operational capabilities are required.


Steel structure for industrial environments

The box PC 7100 is easily integrated into existing environments due to its compact structure.

The painted steel case is solid and robust and is designed specifically for the industrial environment.

The compact sizes of the structure allow the box PC to be integrated into a variety of environments.


Ample availability of I/O ports

The great availability of integrated ports and modules is one of the main features of this device.

Depending on the needs of the productive environment, a specific modular structure can be developed.

Italian excellence

Thanks to our experience, we adapt our solutions to your industrial processes.

Ample availability of  I/O portsNumber and type of ports can be personalised upon request
MainboardIndustrial type, can be personalised upon request
Operating temperature
From 0°C to +45°C
Supported operating systemsAll industrial use software
CertificationsCE, RoHS

Quality industrial automation services


Supply with customer requirements

Intercomp together with the customer establishes the types of materials and the costs of each single component of the devices.

This is to ensure a high level of quality for our customers, but it is also an important opportunity to optimize product costs.


Technical support

In order to identify the best solutions and the best assistance for its clients, Intercomp offers a premium service with free support and advice.

In addition to standard technical support it is also guaranteed an after-sales support, which may include for example research and market analysis.


Mechanical and electrical design CUSTOM

Customization is the main feature of box PC for excellence.

It is possible to accommodate multiple hardware modules according to the needs of industry.


European Production Certification

All box PCs manufactured by Intercomp fully comply with current European Community standards.

Additionally, specific certification protocols are added for products where some typical stress scenarios of industrial automation processes are recreated.


Software integration

Thanks to their high reliability, it is possible to integrate the box PC with any software system.

Two types of commonly used industrial software are available for installation, enabling intuitive management and control of industrial automation processes.


Sampling production

Sampling allows to test our products, to check the scoring excellent solution for any industrial environment.

Our customers can manage this phase, depending on the needs and the specificities of industrial environments.

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