Industrial PC rack iCR 4100 4U

The industrial rack PCs are excellent devices for elaborating and managing data and were designed specifically to be mounted inside standard rack cabinets. Their multiple uses and spacious structures mean that they can fit various hardware modules and adapt to different contexts.


Suitable for continual use

The industrial rack PCs are designed to maintain optimal operational levels for the complete duration of the machine’s working life.

Thanks to the sophisticated hardware modules designed specifically for this product line, the computer is able to remain operational even when in 24hr use.


Active ventilation with removable anti-dust filter

The Industrial rack PCs are fitted with an effective fan cooling system.

This kind of system was chosen because it offers a more efficient way of guaranteeing an optimal operative temperature within the rack cabinets.

It is also possible to add an anti-dust filter to this system so that the PC is completely immune to work debris deposits; this of course reduces maintenance costs.


Increased elaborative capabilities

These processors are tested to ensure that they can endure long and heavy workloads without wearing out over time. They are made up of the best silicon and as a result they heat less and consume less.

The Xeon® processors are also made in such a way that they allow rack PCs to use more than one processor and to support a superior number of peripheral hardware as well.


19” 4U rackmount

The rack PCs conform to the standard measurements used by the majority of rack cabinet manufacturers.

By comparing available sizes, we were able to understand the average dimensions of different kinds of rack cabinets and key issues regarding safety and device management as well.


Superior expansion capabilities of the I/O

The expansion capabilities of our rack PCs is significantly superior and was designed with maximum versatility and power in mind.

It is also possible to use extractable HDD/SSDs where required or you can choose a single or superfluous charger.


Steel structure for industrial environments

The PC rack is made from a steel painted frame designed for industrial environments.

The device also has a double front drawer which contains the filter, a CD drawer and the on/off switch which is under lock and key.

Italian excellence

Thanks to our experience we can adapt our solutions to your industrial processes.

I/O ports
Customizable on request
Supported operating systemsAll industrial software
CertificationsCE, RoHS
Dimensions (L x H x D)483 mm x 178 mm (4 units) x 505 mm

A better automation solution


Possibility to integrate software

All of our rack PCs can easily be configured with any kind of industrial use software.

Intercomp also offers to install a standard use software in the automated industrial systems that make it possible to manage and control production processes at various levels.



Like most of our industrial use products, the rack PCs can easily be customised.

The skills and experience of our planning and production departments means that they are able to adapt any device to specific sector requirements.


Production of a sample

Samples of our solutions can be obtained based on various criteria in line with client needs.

The rack PCs for example have to be tested in individually not in batches.


Advanced technical support

We transmit our values through the quality of the solutions that we propose to our clients.


Final tests and CE

All our devices undergo strict tests to ensure that they conform to European Union regulations for the production of hardware, but also to simulate the typical stresses that they are subjected to during automation processes.

All of the tests are tracked on our IT system and details can be supplied to clients upon request.


Meeting client needs

For us, the most valuable tool in helping us to fully comprehend the needs of our clients and to build a strong connection with them, is a detailed list of their requirements and essential components.


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