Industrial kiosk Brianza

Brianza kiosks are ideal devices for industrial work contexts such as workshops. They are built with a high resistance to water and dust and are equipped with IR touchscreen and fanless cooling system.


4 touches IR touchscreen system

Industrial kiosk Brianza uses an infrared (IR) touchscreen system. This technology allows operators to interact with the device even when wearing protective gloves.

The touchscreen system detects the pressure of four simultaneous touches, while maintaining an excellent degree of resistance to the discharge of liquids.


Fanless system

The fanless system allows to reduce the maintenance costs of the device related to cleaning dust or any accumulated rubbish over time.

It is an efficient and tested solution for maintaining optimal operating temperature levels.


Suitable for continuous use

Intercomp multimedia kiosks guarantee high levels of reliability and at the same time are able to adapt to any customer need.

Both the mechanical and the electronic structure are designed and built to guarantee the product a long period of life, at the maximum of operation and in a continuous use.


Removable All-In-One PC

The All-In-One PC can be removed from the stand support by simply acting on four screws.

This procedure can be useful in many situations, such as cleaning or repairing.


Support for high performance processors

Industrial kiosk Brianza can be customised, according to customer requests, with processors of various power.

The chipset is able to support in fact different types of processors, so as to meet the needs of every working environment and create a “tailor-made” device.


Solid structure for industrial environments

Brianza multimedia kiosk is built with a steel structure, anti-scratch, anti-fingerprint, impact-resistant and with double-shatter-proof protective glass. The support base is designed for floor fixing.

The device is equipped with stainless steel keyboard and mouse, predisposition for RFID reader, two USB connectors (front and rear) and barcode reader holder.

Italian excellence

Thanks to our experience we adapt our solutions to your industrial processes.

Supported processors
Display19″ – 1280 x 1024
TouchscreenIR 4 touches – Even wearing protective gloves
Supported operating systemsAll industrial use software
CertificationsCE, RoHS
Stainless steel keyboard and mouse | RFID reader predisposition | Barcode reader holder
I/O ports2 USB (front and rear)
Operating temperatureFrom 0°C to +45°C

Quality industrial automation services


Possibility of software integration

It is possible to integrate Brianza multimedia kiosk with any type of software.

Specifically, in relation to the customer’s needs, Intercomp offers the possibility to install some sophisticated software able to manage and control industrial automation processes.


Advanced support

The assistance service that Intercomp guarantees to its customers, structured on several levels, can satisfy multiple needs.

We take care of both the pre-sales and after-sales phases, as well as the search for the best solutions for the specific context in which the devices are installed.


European production Certification

Our production line has been structured from the beginning with the presence within it of a department exclusively dedicated to quality control.

The European Certification is only one of the many types of tests that are carried out on the devices.


CUSTOM mechanical and electrical design

The line of products to which Brianza industrial kiosk belongs answers effectively to the common needs of our customers.

In the case in which it is necessary to personalise a device, Intercomp possesses the necessary competences and the experience to realize CUSTOM products for industrial automation.


Supply with customer requirements

Precision in details shows the professionality of a company. The close relationship we maintain with our customers allows us to create the most advantageous solutions in terms of economy and efficiency.


Sampling production

Intercomp offers the possibility to test the product, using it for a few days in order to verify its functionality.

In this way, our customers can see first-hand if the device meets their needs and the specific requests established at the time of the order phase.

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