IoT technologies for smart cities and smart factories

The world of technology is intrinsically linked to crucial concepts such as change, progress and future. A product that requires years of study, design and production in a short time is likely to become obsolete and this is even more true in these hectic years in which each device ends up being quickly replaced by its subsequent, improved and enhanced version.

From 1983 to today in Intercomp we have witnessed countless changes in the technological field, from the dawn of computer science to its golden age, up to recent incredible innovations, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), which are revolutionizing everyone’s life.

Over 35 years of innovations

After reaching the important milestone of 35 years in 2018, Intercomp looks towards the future, not forgetting where it started and the whole path taken in these years.

➡️ Our company was born as a manufacturer of electronic cards and personal computers, improving over the years with the aim of becoming a reference point in the design and production of own-brand hardware.

➡️ The close relationship we establish with customers and the accumulated experience has allowed us to develop customized solutions over time based on specific needs and different contexts of use, characterized by high levels of reliability determined by the strict acceptance tests carried out at the end of the production phase.

Smart Parking Systems®

Intercomp’s parking division certainly has enormous development potential: the world of smart parking is constantly evolving, and technological innovations are improving parking detection systems, parking navigation and smart payments every day.

✔️ Smart Parking Systems® is precisely a complete parking management system designed and patented by Intercomp, active with many installations in Italy and worldwide. It is an advanced tool that fits perfectly into all those technologies that can transform a city into a smart city.

✔️ This IoT solution includes sensors, parking meters, the parking App and a management software for data processing and analysis, useful for users to be guided to the free parking space and to the municipality to develop parking and mobility strategies.

✔️ Technological innovation is mainly represented by the sensor component, the true heart of the solution, capable of detecting the presence of a vehicle parked inside the parking bay. The sensor, installed under the asphalt, sends data and communicates wirelessly by detecting the metal mass of the parked vehicle. Intercomp was among the first companies to introduce sensors capable of interacting through multiple communication modules certified worldwide: NB-IoT, LoRaWAN® and Bluetooth.

✔️ A further development is represented by smart video cameras, integrated in the system, which are able to identify the presence of a parked vehicle and to process anonymous data to be returned to the management software.

All hardware components are installed inside Intercomp’s test area, used by our Research & Development team to further improve the system with the most innovative technologies.

Production lines 4.0

During the preparation of our new production line, we chose to introduce the technological requirements of Industry 4.0, with a tangible increase in the level of efficiency and performance.

➡️ Within the line there are more than 200 network points for testing the machines and the production consists of two assembly lines of over 25 meters, with a production capacity of 50 machines per day. In the final phase, a very severe burn-in test is foreseen, that demonstrates the quality of our production processes, in which the machines run the test software in an environment that reaches 45 ° C.

➡️ The tests are not based on sample checks, but involve all the devices produced, to deliver to the customer ready-to-use solutions capable of carrying out their work to the maximum level.

A good example is certainly the recent production of stand-alone kiosks for gaming, a custom project destined for the USA for the automatic and safe management of sports betting.

Each kiosk produced within the new production line is in all respects a complete computerized system, with two integrated monitors, wireless and wired connectivity, webcams, RFID antennas, printers and complete currency management, including security solutions to ensure the operation of the machine in unattended places.

It is a system that has considerable calculation capabilities, with hardware that must necessarily guarantee continuous operation and support extremely elaborate and attractive graphics.

➡️ This type of customized production is only one of the types of solutions that Intercomp can provide, in a range that includes from multimedia totems to ATMs, to reach the wide range dedicated to the industrial world.

The experience gained over the years and our gaze towards the future allow us to face new and continuous challenges to support our customers and, also through IoT technologies for smart cities and smart factories, to provide them with advanced tools capable of responding to every need, within each context.

IoT technology for smart infrastructures


“Advanced resource management systems, whether they are public spaces in ‘smart-cities‘ or plants in ‘smart-factories‘, require distributed devices and systems capable of providing connectivity and widespread computing capacity. Intercomp offers a wide range of solutions and technologies capable of supporting the creation of IoT and ‘smart’ infrastructures in the field, from the small multimedia stand to the most extensive infrastructure.


From a technological point of view, there is a point of convergence of the concepts of ‘smart city’ and ‘smart factory’ and this is represented by an indispensable resource for both worlds: distributed intelligence. “

Jacopo Di Blasio
Automazione e Strumentazione

Intercomp S.p.A.

Our success has its roots in the technical experience that we have acquired over the years and it is this experience that allows us to offer avant-garde Hardware solutions, both standard and made to measure, that are completely in line with customer requirements.

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