IT cart: Digital Transformation Assistant

This IT cart has been designed to support engineers and operators during assembling operation in the real-time recovery of digital technical documentation.

Buddy is an IT cart solution, mobile and integrated application, complete with hardware and software, designed to aid production environments, in order to increase efficiency of the product realization processes.

A Digital Transformation Assistant

IT cart for a digital transformation

Currently, production subject to articulated dynamics. In an industrial age in which an increasingly reduced time-to-market is required, there is a need to have a considerable amount of information available and in an immediately accessible manner.

➡️ Where the corporate structure becomes more complex, the difficulty in managing and constantly updating specifications and data also increases. Often there is a need for immediate sharing of documentation between the staff that generates the information (modifying it according to the customer’s needs) and the staff who instead apply it in the field.

➡️ On the basis of the opportunity offered by new technologies, however, the interconnection and cooperation of resources used throughout the value chain becomes possible, obtaining greater efficiency and higher competitiveness. Just to remedy this kind of problem and taking advantage of continuous technological innovation,

Buddy was born, an IT cart for a Digital Transformation Assistant solution.

➡️ Designed to facilitate the work of assembly and assembly operators, Buddy is a digital assistant positioned in a trolley equipped with wheels that is perfectly placed inside the departments.

➡️ Thanks to the 55-inch touch monitor, the Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connection and the most modern technological features with which it is equipped, Buddy allows real-time access, directly within the departments, to all the material necessary for production (documentation, data sheets, manuals, etc.) without the need to go personally to the various technical departments.

➡️ A digital solution Designed by IMA Group, active in the design and production of automatic machines for the process and packaging, and created by Intercomp, which operates in the IT hardware sector,

➡️ Buddy was introduced into the production plants of the IMA Group, demonstrating its effectiveness in supplying operators directly within the production lines with all the digital material necessary to increase production performance, in constant connection with the various technical departments.

Buddy boasts numerous features that contribute to the efficiency of production flows:

  • the 55-inch capacitive touchscreen ensures easy interaction even with the use of work gloves;
  • the device is equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection and is equipped with a fingerprint reader;
  • there is also a provision for an RFID reader and three USB connectors, elements of strong customization that make Buddy an advanced and versatile solution.

⭕️ Easy handling IT cart

The trolley is designed to be handled within the production departments with ease and in total safety despite the size. The side handles and the four 160 mm swivel wheels ensure high manoeuvrability even in the tightest spaces.

⭕️ Autonomous power supply

Buddy is designed to guarantee the maximum level of efficiency and continuity of support. The battery power system is designed to ensure an autonomy of 10 hours.

The indicator on the bottom of the trolley helps constant performance monitoring.

⭕️ A complete IT cart application for digital transformations

From a software point of view, Buddy supports the Windows 10 operating system and a wide range of software for a wide consultation of different types of files.

The technology it is equipped with allows the display of group emission and modification communications, the immediate use of technical data, manuals and drawings always updated to the latest revision. It supports information saving functions, safeguarding and archiving files of different formats on corporate network disks.

Technical advantages

Buddy makes fully accessible, directly in the departments, mechanical design data (such as the bill of materials associated with the assemblies and the related 2D and 3D models), electrical and pneumatic diagrams.

There are numerous technical advantages that Buddy can offer:

  • consultation of the project mechanical data, electrical and pneumatic diagrams in an always updated and optimized way through PLM;
  • drafting and sharing of documents and assembly notes, shared on all devices available to the operator (such as tablets and portable PCs);
  • digital management of reports to internal company functions, with approval flow and progress status notification;
  • access facilitated by the operator through Smart Key personnel (to ensure correct privacy management) – intuitive and touch screen management of applications;
  • writing and implementation of the assembly instructions in shared mode (in development of the ‘Smart Notes’ project);
  • consultation of the order to the assembly (in development project for the consultation of the order to the assembly on SharePoint).

Human factor advantages

The numbers of the solution: following the introduction of Buddy within the IMA Group’s plants, significant advantages have emerged in the use of this Digital Documentation Assistant. The main ones include:

  • progressive reduction, until the definitive disappearance, of the paper in assembly;
  • 60% reduction in the search time for parts on the PLM;
  • 20% reduction in the use of paper and a 15% reduction in the use of ink for printers;
  • significant reduction of large prints, with a 50% cost saving;
  • optimization of the working time of the team leaders of 20% (there is no need for continuous movements in the technical departments to search for information);
  • improvement in the personal ergonomics of the operators by adopting a more correct posture in the different consultation phases.

Customer’s feedback

“The possibilities that arose after the introduction of Buddy in our factories exceeded our expectations” says Paolo Colombo ICT Digital Transformation Leader of the Group. “The pluses we achieved in terms of cost and time reduction not only helped to increase performance within the departments, but at the same time allowed us to improve the working conditions of the operators. This has led us to increase the number of Digital Assistants initially employed within the assembly and assembly departments. “

The Buddy Digital Documentation Assistant solution, which is subject to a patent procedure, is part of the broader initiative IMA Digital, the Global Project of the Bolognese Group which aims to contribute to the technological innovation of the manufacturing sector. By creating Smart Machines, i.e. connected and intelligent machines, the Group aims to support its partners and users of its products in achieving ever more advanced performance in the various production phases. The distribution on the market of this instrument will be entrusted to Applied Srl.

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