Computerized logistics

Computerization is perfecting the logistics industry, enabling previously unthinkable levels of efficiency and practicality. The management of warehouses and goods can be optimally facilitated by adopting reliable and technologically advanced tools.

Our IT solutions dedicated to logistics are designed with the aim of making the computerized management of warehouses and the movement of goods even more efficient.


High practicality

All solutions dedicated to computerized logistics are designed and manufactured by Intercomp in order to ensure maximum practicality, through measures perfected over time.

The attention to detail allows us to create a series of solutions that meet the specific needs of those who are confronted with the problems related to this sector every day.


Customization and adaptability

The computerized solutions for logistics, like the rest of the Intercomp brand products, are realized with a high level of customization, to meet the specific requests of the customer.

In fact, each product is custom designed so that it can be perfectly adapted to the type of context in which it is used, for example by equipping it with optional features.


Display and touchscreen

Our computerized logistics products allow to significantly increase the efficiency of warehouse management, reducing human error and providing valuable support to operators.

Another important criterion is reliability, which Intercomp guarantees to its customers both in terms of product quality and in terms of pre and after-sales assistance.


Optional tools

In practical terms, customizing a product means equipping it with specific technologies and tools that make it suitable for a particular type of work or operational context.

Intercomp offers a series of accessories to be installed on the device to make it even more efficient: card and code readers, label printers, keyboards with a high degree of protection and much more.

Quality industrial solutions


Quality solutions

Since 1983 Intercomp has been creating branded hardware solutions at its headquarter in Verona, guaranteeing a complete customer service.

Those who choose an Intercomp product are supported at all stages in choosing the best solutions suitable for their needs.


Severe acceptance tests

Our products pass through rigorous tests, in order to certify their operational capacity and reliability.

The devices are subjected to the stresses that they could undergo in a working context. All tests performed are recorded and tracked.


Supply guarantee

Intercomp products for IT logistics, designed for a long period of life, have a supply guarantee of up to 7 years.

This choice is part of the after-sales assistance policy that Intercomp considers an essential service in the relationship with its customers.


European production certification

Our products are designed and manufactured in full compliance with European regulations.

Our production phase respects specific quality controls, to guarantee solutions in line with the recognized production certifications.

Intercomp S.p.A.

Our success has its roots in the technical experience that we have acquired over the years and it is this experience that allows us to offer avant-garde Hardware solutions, both standard and made to measure, that are completely in line with customer requirements.

Code of ethics