ACUS IT cart

IT carts are solutions designed to support operators in the management of logistics, warehouses and goods handling. They can integrate various accessories, with product reading and coding functions, but also small printers.


Increased management efficiency

This solution can increase management efficiency, thanks to its remarkable practicality, quickly becoming an ideal and irreplaceable tool for the management of any warehouse.

In fact, it is a totally portable device, equipped with all the necessary features at hand every time for operators involved in logistics, avoiding unnecessary waste of time and facilitating their work.


Display in two sizes

The computerized carts are equipped with a display available in two sizes, installed using a VESA support. It is possible to choose between 21.5″ and 27″ versions.

Both formats are equipped with capacitive touchscreen with multi-touch up to 10 touches, providing an additional method of interaction, fast and precise, even when wearing gloves.


Industrial design

The specific industrial design gives the ACUS IT cart superior resistance and reliability to the stresses to which it could be subjected within an operational context.

The worktop, for example, integrates a stainless-steel keyboard (97 keys with trackball) with an IP65 grade, thus optimally protected from any access by liquids and dust.


Highly customizable

The ACUS computerized cart has been designed and produced as a worktop that can meet any operational need. In fact, it can meet all the needs of a logistics department.

The customization possibilities are particularly numerous, with the installation of different types of accessories and functions such as a card and barcode reader and a laser printer for labels.


Easy handling

Some of the specifications of this IT cart include practical features that have been perfected over time, introduced to further improve the manoeuvrability and practicality of the device.

We have chosen to equip this computerized mobile workstation with wide antistatic 125 mm wheels and two practical ergonomic handles for greater control when moving.


Long battery life

Thanks to the battery designed to be integrated inside the lower drawer of the cart, the upper worktop can be used for the entire size, without any additional clutter.

The battery has a built-in charge indicator and can provide an operation of eight hours, with a charging time of approximately six hours, by plugging the truck directly into the mains supply.

Italian excellence

Thanks to our experience we can adapt our solutions to your industrial processes.

Battery capacity100 Ah
Battery voltage12 V DC
Integrated into the worktop | 97 keys with trackball | Stainless steel | IP65
Wheels125 mm | Antistatic | Parking brake (rear wheels only)
HandlesErgonomic | Front and rear
CertificationsCE, RoHS
Battery operationUp to 8 hours
Charging time
About 6 hours
Charging mode
Directly from the mains supply
Display21.5″ | 27″
TouchscreenCapacitive multi-touch suitable for use with work gloves
ConfigurationsCard/barcode reader | Label printer

Quality industrial automation


Pre and post-sales assistance

Our assistance service for computerized carts provides targeted operations to follow customers both in the order acquisition phase and afterwards.

The aim of this type of assistance is to get the best out of our solutions, satisfying every need.


Custom design

Our design and production departments create customized solutions based on specific requests.

Following compatibility assessments and checks, it is possible to order tailor-made products, ready for installation and full operation.


European Certification

The computerized carts produced by Intercomp are manufactured in full compliance with European regulations.

Our production process involves specific quality tests, replicating the typical stress conditions present within industrial contexts.



Among the phases of the realization of a product there is the one related to the production of samples.

The customer can use the product before production, testing its validity to request any precautions.

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