HDBaseT – KVM industrial extender

A combined solution between two cards (transmitter and receiver) designed for remote control of PCs and monitors signal in industrial contexts, up to 100 meters and with latency close to zero.


Combined solution

The device is the result of a combination of two cards: a receiver, positioned inside the monitor, and the other transmitter, positioned inside the PC.

Through a single Ethernet cable it is possible to remotely control the video signal and the USB-touchscreen interaction functions.


Zero latency

The HDBaseT device maintains extremely low latency, close to zero, over 100 meters of cable.

The precision and speed of this solution allow the operator to manage the process which is monitored in complete control and simultaneously.


Up to 100 meters

This series of KVM industrial extender remote solutions is designed to extend the signal of a PC positioned on the machine up to 100 meters away.

In fact, there is no loss of quality in the image on the monitor or drops in functionality in the interaction with the processing device.


Full functionalities

The functions of the monitor are extended to the PC (touchscreen and USB devices connected to the monitor).

The HDBaseT line carries the HDMI signal to and from workstations and provides bi-directional USB connections between the two locations, for remote control of the source device and monitor.

Italian excellence

Thanks to our experience we adapt our solutions to your industrial process.

Maximum distanceUp to 100 meters
Installation1x PCIe
Operating temperature
From 0° to +50° C
Non operating temperature
From -20° to +60° C
Dimensions167.7 mm x 111.2 mm x 21.6 mm
Weight0.4 kg
CertificationsCE, RoHS, WEEE
Maximum distanceUp to 100 meters
Installation1x PCIe | DIN rail
Operating temperatureFrom 0° to +50° C
Non operating temperatureFrom -20° to +60° C
Dimensions218 mm x 145 mm x 27 mm
Weight0.8 kg
CertificationsCE, RoHS, WEEE

Quality industrial automation


Customer requirements

We can set up a list of supply requirements together with the customer, already in the initial design phase, to establish a synergy and create benefits for both parties.

In our opinion, this type of collaboration is an essential requirement to be able to create the quality solutions that we normally guarantee to all our customers.


European certification

KVM industrial extender solution is equipped with European production certification, to which our company adds further tests with the aim of testing its resistance.

It is a further guarantee of quality for customers, who can verify the specifications of the devices ordered thanks to a dedicated traceability system.

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