Mantova outdoor multimedia stand


Double display


IP65 protection


RFID reader


Thermal printer

Check-in and check-out procedures within everyone’s reach

Mantova 172 multimedia stand for outdoor is the double display variant of Mantova 171, designed to guarantee the possibility of perfecting the check-in and check-out procedures in a specific area even for those who drive a vehicle with greater height above the ground.


Double 17" touch display

Mantova outdoor multimedia stand is equipped with a high-brightness outdoor 17″ dual display.

This configuration allows drivers of various types of vehicles (cars, vans, trucks) to use all the functions directly without having to exit the vehicle.


Ideal for external use

The structure of Mantova multimedia stand is specifically designed for outdoor use: it is made of AISI 430 stainless steel, is equipped with an IP65 degree of protection and is designed for ground-fixing.

The device is designed to operate at maximum efficiency, in a temperature range between -20°C and +50°C and has a compact size for easy placement.


Double back door

Mantova outdoor multimedia stand is equipped with two key-locked openings, which allow easy access to the internal components of the device.

This particularity facilitates maintenance interventions, such as the replacement of the dust filters that are part of the Stand forced ventilation system.



Mantova 172 outdoor stand can be customized to guarantee a greater flexibility of use.

The device can be equipped with a dual RFID reader, thermal printer, intercom and much more.

Customer needs

⭕️ To have a device able to easily perform automated check-in and check-out operations inside quarries by heavy vehicles, thus having a greater height above the ground.

⭕️ To install a stand specially designed for outdoor use and therefore resistant to different environmental and atmospheric conditions.

⭕️ Having the ability to customize the device with suitable tools to ensure maximum functionality and convenience to users.

Developed solution

✅ The presence of the double display allows the execution of the check-in and check-out procedures from any height.

✅ The stand is specially designed with a structure capable to withstand the environmental and climatic conditions of outdoor environments.

✅ A series of accessories are available to make the device even more functional: RFID reader, thermal printer and intercom.

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