Medical cart trolleys: practicality and efficiency in the healthcare environment

Intercomp computerized medical cart trolleys are advanced technology tools that make the healthcare facilities more and more modern and efficient.

Your healthcare staff will have innovative technological tools that will help the staff to perform their work. So you can provide to your patients, that are the first business card for your healthcare facility, a better treatment and permit them to have full satisfaction.

What is an IT medical cart trolley?

The computerised medical cart trolley is a solution created specifically for healthcare facilities, after numerous meetings with industrial professionals.

The aim was the development of specific technologies that are suitable for very particular environments such as hospital hubs or clinics in general, while respecting standards and requirements but still delivering a high level of efficiency.

What is it for?

An IT healthcare cart trolley is a very efficient tool that can be used in various areas of the structure in which it is located.

⭕️ If used in the ward it can be managed to its full potential.

➡️ It allows to accommodate a PC in a very practical way, with hidden cables so it does not clutter. It has space for keyboard and mouse, and can be prepared with a VESA attack.

➡️ It Includes instrument spaces and brings medical records space, so you always have everything at hand.

➡️ All IT cart trolleys for hospital use (including keyboard and mouse) must comply with the hygiene requirements of healthcare facilities and should be easily sanitized with common products in use in the hospital setting.

➡️ Medical cart trolleys must be certified for use in these environments.

Types of cart trolleys

The types of cart trolleys may vary depending on the use intended to serve, in order to meet every requirement of the hospital sector and thus facilitate the operator’s work.

Here are some examples:

  • emergency cart trolleys: suitable to support different equipment for any type of intervention;
  • pharmacy cart trolleys: useful to generic local pharmacy and department for the preparation of the therapy;
  • medication and infirmary cart trolleys: useful for patient dressing and small surgery in specialized clinics.

➡️ In some departments, IT medical cart trolleys should also be entirely made of AISI 304 stainless steel.

It is a high quality steel alloy that provides a durable surface, lasting and easy to clean, generally used in pharmaceutical environments.

➡️ The sizes vary according to the different type of use of the cart trolley. All products are robust and efficient, but light and easy to manage.

Medical cart trolleys can be integrated with a range of accessories.

Our successful solutions

At the Health Operating Units of the Hospital of Padua operate our computerised cart trolleys, in the following models:

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Comparison of common cart trolleys and professional hospital cart trolleys


⭕️ Common cart trolley or used with a portable notebook PC:

  • it is not sanitized: the portable PC used on the cart trolley would not respect the hygienic requirements of the healthcare facility;
  • reduces the useful worktable of the hospital cart by 50%: the portable PC is leaning against  the cart but is not fixed securely;
  • reduced battery life: the only laptop battery can deteriorate in a short time;
  • it is not suitable to be moved: while remaining lit, vibrations can damage it, as well as being unstable in use;
  • it may be subject to theft.

⭕️ IT cart trolley and PC Trolley:


  • it is sanitized: meets current regulations for health facilities;
  • does not reduce the useful work surface of the cart trolley: the PC is fixed to an arm with VESA attack customizable in height;
  • unlimited duration of the battery: it is supported through a series of charges at the bottom of the medical trolley, which can also be replaceable even when hot;
  • suitable to be moved also lit: the dimensions are specifically designed for the ward;
  • the PC is not subject to theft, as it is mounted on the cart trolley.

The medical cart is then an advanced technological solution for the management activities in the ward: keep in mind all these peculiarities if you are close to a purchase.


➡️ The management of hospital structure weighs on its quality, next time choose an efficient solution.


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