IEI Integration Corp. and Intercomp S.p.A. announce a strategic partnership for the Italian healthcare sector

Creativity, innovation, passion and technology, Intercomp and IEI Integration Corp. has stipulated a long-term partnership agreement for delivering hi-quality healthcare interface solutions for the national market in which Intercomp is already operating.


IEI Integration Corp. will supply to Intercomp S.p.A. a series of medical PCs, while Intercomp will provide to the Italian healthcare structures the devices adding its additional know-how by integrating the solution into specific environment or equipment.

IEI Integration Corp. has a unique approach over medical solutions, cooperating directly with the healthcare excellences and doctors both internationally and in Taiwan. This widespread knowledge allow them to set up solution which are extremely flexible, able to adapt to several end-uses as well as being meticulously aware of environment needs in terms of regulations, sanitization processes and safety.    

Intercomp as well during the recent years has been focused on highly product specialization in several sector understanding the necessities of a changing and diverse industry like Italian panorama offers, cooperating with clients and partners which have unique application fields which required custom or highly innovative solutions.

The technological purpose and achievements we are looking forward to accomplish is willing to increase the efficiency of Italian healthcare structures, providing cutting edge technologies able to positively improve IT, Financial and Nursing departments. Decreasing managing costs, maintenance expenses and reducing the margin of error are some of the main benefits which our partnered solutions are able to achieve.  

Indeed, the agreement was studied in order to integrate the resources, the competences and the strength of the two companies, in order to combine the technological value of IEI Integration Corp. medical solutions and the mechanical and engineering skills of Intercomp, creating a combination of excellent product range such as IT Cart and Medical workstations. 

The partnership is as well a vision over future’s healthcare needs, the engineering capacity of Intercomp and the sophisticated IEI Integration Corp. solutions are indeed able to cover even custom requests, where hospitals have specific mechanical environments or electronic peculiarities which must be adapted for a new technological approach.  

About the companies

IEI Integration Corp.

IEI Integration Corp. is a leading industrial computer provider. Nowadays, IEI strives to be an AI and networking edge computing solution provider. IEI’s products are computer-based and bundled with partners’ technologies to offer user friendly systems in the field of AIoT, such as factory automation, inference/training service, networking appliance, public security surveillance and so on. Moreover, IEI alliances with major IT companies to deliver advanced technologies like Intel® OpenVINO™ toolkits, Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS IoT Greengrass to help customers get AIoT solutions up and running quickly. IEI also provides ODM service for healthcare, transportation, energy, retail, defense, building automation and smart cities around the world.

Intercomp S.p.A.

Since 1983 Intercomp S.p.A. from its Italian headquarters produces both standard and customized hardware and software solutions. Producing, designing and supplying cutting-edge technologies in several market segment such as: Industry 4.0, Professional office PCs, Digital Signage, Healthcare, e-mobility and Smart Parking. One of the main peculiarities of Intercomp is its capability of producing custom solutions, adapting originally to this quick technological shift. For this innovative approach Intercomp has been selected from the biggest player worldwide in different industries, such as IMA Group, SCM group and IGT group.