Fanless medical panel PC, reliability and power

iCOMED 7200 medical Panel PC is the version designed for medical environments of the iCOMAC 7200 industrial Panel PC. The power and reliability of the industrial device are at the service of operators working in health contexts, where machines that always guarantee the maximum level of operation are needed.


Tempered glass display

The medical PC for hospital use is equipped with a True Flat LCD screen with LED technology built in tempered glass, extremely resistant.

The 21.5″ format also makes it a functional device for every activity within medical contexts.


Capacitive touchscreen

Our medical PCs are equipped with the latest generation capacitive touchscreen, which can also be used while wearing gloves.

The multi-touch technology also allows interaction even through multiple touches simultaneously.


Wall recessed

iCOMED 7200 medical PC is designed to be wall mounted, with a support frame for fixing the wall plugs.

The fanless cooling system, sophisticated and silent, is installed precisely to avoid overheating of the device, positioned in tight spaces.


Continuous use

The operations carried out in a medical environment require highly operational products, in order to avoid interruptions as much as possible.

The hardware structure of this medical PC for hospital use is designed to guarantee continuous use, providing performance at the highest levels.


IP65 front protection degree

iCOMED medical PC is equipped with an IP65 degree of protection on the front side, to protect the device from liquids and dust.

It is also easily sanitized, a very important feature in a medical environment.


Removable HDD and SSD

The iCOMED hospital medical PC is designed with an innovative hardware unit that allows to easily extract memory cards.

This is a particularly functional option, as it eliminates the need to disassemble the entire device.

Italian excellence

Solutions manufactured entirely by our production department.

Supported processors
Intel®: J1900, i3, i5, i7
DisplayLCD with LED technology | 21.5″
TouchscreenCapacitive multi-touch usable with gloves
Degree of protection
IP65 on the front side
Supported operating systemsAny type of software
CertificationsCE, RoHS
PositioningWall recessed fixture with support frame for fixing dowels
Cooling system

Increase the efficiency of health facilities


Easily sanitized structure

The iCOMED 7200 hospital medical PC is easily sanitized in its exposed parts.

The type of True Flat display in tempered glass in fact allows easy cleaning even with products used in healthcare environments.


Advanced customization

The customization of the devices has always been one of the prerogatives of our company, thanks above all to our in-house design and production departments.

In fact, all our solutions can be customized according to the specific needs of the individual customer and the work context.


Software integration

ICOMED medical PCs can support any type of software used in medical and hospital environments.

The great versatility of Intercomp devices makes it possible to have machines adaptable to every need.


Technical support

The relationship established with the customer is aimed at creating the maximum result, focusing on efficiency, quality and reliability.

Starting from the design to the technical assistance, Intercomp can guarantee a valid support for every problem that may arise, from personalization to the use of the product.

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