Touchscreen monitors: a combination of value

Touchscreen monitors

These monitors touchscreen are suitable solutions to be implemented in different working contexts. Ideal for retail stores and, combined for example with a mini PC, are valuable devices to manage all payments.

Monitor touchscreen HT225

21.5″ LCD monitor with LED technology with a 16:9 WIDE display and a capacitive multi-touch system able to support up to 10 simultaneous touches.

It is an efficient and reliable device, useful for those who prefer a unique solution of PC plus Monitor.

Monitor touchscreen HT161

LCD with 15.6″ LED technology with 16: 9 WIDE display and capacitive multi-touch. High resolutions, excellent color definition, high brightness, stable images and wide viewing angles.

This is an excellent solution that can be easily combined with our mini PCs or NUC PCs.

Monitor HT225
21.5″ LCD LED, WIDE 16:9, multi-touch capacitive up to 10 touches.
Monitor HT161
15.6″ LCD LED, WIDE 16:9, multi-touch capacitive up to 10 touches.

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