Industrial 7310 box PC

Industrial 7310 multi-LAN fanless box PCs are designed to simplify automation processes such as factory control, production cycle management, control and automation of processes in the food or pharmaceutical sector. These devices are the perfect choice for artificial vision architecture since they can guarantee maximum reliability, in addition to the wide range of expansion options available.


Performance and modularity

All the 7310 multi-LAN fanless box PCs are equipped with the Intel® chipset and can support the latest generation CPUs, thus guaranteeing extremely high-performance level combined with lower energy consumption.

Modularity is one of the key factors to respond to the different configuration needs and to the different variables to be monitored. With the 7310 multi-LAN box PCs the hardware platform remains the same, but various optional slots can be added.


Absolute reliability

The reliability required today within industrial production contexts makes it necessary to develop increasingly advanced systems capable of carrying out their work in a continuous cycle, for example to sample an increasingly large number of processes or images.

In addition to reliability, it is important that each device guarantees high performance regarding the hardware system. For this reason, all 7310 box PCs, including individual components, must pass severe tests and the burn-in area before being delivered to customers.


High I/O availability

The 7310 fanless multi-LAN box PC has been specifically designed to efficiently respond to the growing demands of industrial devices capable of sampling an ever-increasing number of images and to control in real time all Input/Output signals.

The device is able to house up to 8 LAN ports: by installing a PCI Express card it is possible to add up to four LANs in addition to the four already present. Alternatively, a Profinet/Profibus interface can be installed.


Suitable for industrial contexts

Based on the particular needs of the automation or production line and thanks to the different installation kits available, the 7310 box PC can be easily positioned in all industrial environments: it is in fact designed for desktop, DIN rail or wall mount.

The fanless cooling system and therefore the absence of fans also ensures the use of the 7310 box PCs within multiple industrial environments, including critical ones, with the possible presence of dust or processing residues of various kinds.

Italian excellence

Thanks to our experience we can adapt our solutions to your industrial processes.

USB ports4 x 3.1 | 2 x 2.0
LAN ports2 x RJ45 | 2 x RJ45 (optional)
Video ports2 x DP++
Digital I/O (optional)4 inputs | 4 outputs
COM ports (optional)2 x RS232/422/485
Expansion slots1 x PCIe x4 | 1 x M.2 2230 E-key | 1 x M.2 2280 M-key
Supported operating systemsAll software for industrial use
CertificationsCE, RoHS
Size (W x H x D)220 mm x 149.5 mm x 200 mm
Weight5.1 kg
Operating temperatureFrom 0° C to +50° C
Cooling systemFanless
Main colourBlack RAL9005 (different colours on request)
InstallationWall mount | DIN rail | Desktop

Quality industrial automation


Software integration

Like other Intercomp industrial solutions, the 7310 multi-LAN fanless box PC is also designed to ensure maximum integration with the industrial software used in the production lines.

It is a device capable of supporting solutions for the control of production processes and which can be integrated with many other extremely useful functions in industrial contexts.


Customer requirements

By setting together with the customer, already in the design phase, a list of supply requirements relating to the specific needs of the production line, it is possible to establish a synergy that benefits both parties.

We believe that this close collaboration is an essential requirement for creating solutions that meet the quality levels that we are used to guaranteeing to all our customers.


Custom design

To create customized solutions, tailored to the particular needs of each customer, our design and production departments work at full capacity to create customized products according to the requests.

Some specific customizations can in fact only be made following careful evaluations, in order to adequately and precisely interpret what the required functions are.


Advanced technical support

The advanced support that we guarantee is able to respond to every request. In this way, by combining our skills with those of the customer, it is possible to achieve better results.

It is a highly professional service that Intercomp set up already in the first years of activity and which certifies the attention to product quality and customer satisfaction.


European Certification

The 7310 box PC is equipped with a European production Certification, to which our company adds further tests in order to test the resistance of the product to temperatures, pressures and vibrations.

These tests represent a guarantee of quality for customers, who can also check the specifications of the devices ordered thanks to a traceability system dedicated to the products.



Prototyping, sampling and production of pre-series allow an extremely precise assessment of the real capabilities of the devices produced by our company.

This is a verification that certifies the quality of a device and that in the same way significantly increases the quality level of the service we want to offer to our customers.

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