Milano indoor multimedia stand

The Milano multimedia stand is designed for internal use. It is a very elegant and durable device and can be used in a variety of contexts and can efficiently perform a number of functions.


Multi-touch touchscreen

The Milano multimedia stands for internal use boast a very sophisticated multi-touch touchscreen system based on IR (Infrared) technology.


Robust steel structure

The Milano multimedia stands are made out of a sturdy robust steel structure, painted a grey-black colour.


Integrated communication systems

The Milano multimedia internal stands are able to reproduce all the multimedia content in high definition, thanks to the technology used in the audio and video systems.

The device can automatically connect itself to the internet, in the same way as other external peripheral connections.


Three sizes of display

The Milano multimedia stand is available in three sizes: 32″, 40″ and 55″.

The device can guarantee exceptional graphic performances, which become particularly suggestive on large format screens.


Superior calculating capabilities

The calculating capabilities of these multimedia stands can vary depending on your requirements.

They can, for example, be incredibly high-performing and put to use for complex tasks in the same way that they can just be used like a standard computer which has a lower impact economically.


Frontal opening

The Milano interactive stands can be opened only from the front side, in order to simplify maintenance and control operations.

Italian excellence
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Monitor32″ | 40″ | 55″
TouchscreenMulti-touch (IR technology)
Supported operating systemsAny kind of software
CertificationsCE, RoHS

Enhance your sales point


Multi-use solutions

The multimedia stands are extremely flexible and can be used in a variety of contexts.

It is possible to use them as a means of providing information in the transport sector or in the tourism industry and in advertising campaigns to get their message across.



Although the Milano multimedia stands are designed as a standard product they have an ample structure which means that other peripheral connectors can be added to provide the stand with further functions.


Direct contact with your brand

The Milano internal use multimedia stands are a great way of increasing direct interaction between clients and your brand.

They can effectively highlight particulars of your company that deserve to be experienced and remembered.


Social and economic benefits

Multimedia stands guarantee an effective way of providing information that will be remembered more easily, compared to information supplied through other channels.


The quality is in the detail

It is the details that make the Milano multimedia stand so pleasant to look at and so easy to use.

The choice of colours and the size of the structure is designed specifically to make the interaction extremely interesting.


Increased visibility and interaction

According to recent behavioural studies on the effectiveness of multimedia stands inside stores and information centers it has emerged that:

  • they are particularly intuitive tools that people are able to use very easily;
  • the increase in sales and interaction is significant. It is a tool that encourages interaction, it attracts people and increases the “play” aspect and interest during the purchasing phase.

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