Cortina outdoor Multimedia Stand

The Cortina Multimedia external Stands are avant-garde devices that combine incredible functionality with modern design. They blend into the city environment and become an appealing shop window where it is possible to get different kind of message across.

Robust painted steel structure

The Cortina outdoor Multimedia Stands are made out of a robust steel painted anti-vandal structure.

The structure can be fixed to the ground and benefits of a high protection level. It is protected against dust and water.


Possibility of continuous use 24/7

Multimedia Stands for outdoor use are designed to guarantee continuous work cycles over a long period of time.

The structure boasts surprisingly high operational capabilities, which are monitored thanks to a range of sensors that keep the working levels and the optimal temperature in the case at the right level.


Ready to use system

Thanks to a system created in collaboration with Samsung Smart, the Cortina outdoor Multimedia Stand can be used without the need to install any additional software.

It’s a system that permits the creation of a schedule for the remote management of multimedia content.


Big screen format available in different sizes

The Cortina Stand display is available in three different sizes: 46”, 55” and 75”. The screen is visible from all directions even with polarised lenses.

The device auto-regulates the brightness of the screen using sensors that gauge external lighting and is also able to detect and adjust lighting malfunctions.



The 46” and 55” versions can be fitted with a capacitive touchscreen system.

The 75” version does not have this option as the sheer size of the device does not make it practical for interactive functions with people.


Superior level of software integration

The Cortina Multimedia Stands already have an internal software system that allows them to reproduce multimedia content remotely.

The device can also integrate any software system that wants to manage particular content in a more sophisticated manner.

Italian excellence
All the solutions are made exclusively in our production department.
Monitor46″ | 55″ | 75″
TouchscreenIn 46″ and 55″ versions
Air conditioningIn 75″ version
Supported operating systemsAny kind of software
CertificationsCE, RoHS
Operating temperature range
From -30°C to +50°C
Dimensions (L x H x D) and weight (46″)802 mm x 2106 mm x 220 mm | About 125 Kg
Dimensions (L x H x D) and weight (55″)911 mm x 2310 mm x 220 mm | About 140 Kg
Dimensions (L x H x D) and weight (75″)1933,5 mm x 2359,3 mm x 318,2 mm | About 270 Kg

Make the most of your space


Multi-use solutions

The Cortina Multimedia external Stand, available with or without touchscreen, can be adapted to the requirements of different contexts.

The different dimensions of the device can also guide the choice towards a use of great impact or more based on an interactive use.



The Cortina Multimedia external Stand is a device that boasts a superior number of I/O USB ports and other integration options for external peripheral connections.

There are endless ways of customising this device: our planning and production teams can help to exclusively customise a product to meet specific needs.


The quality is in the detail

The choice of materials and the specifics used in the Cortina Multimedia external Stand have all been influenced by the skills and passion of our team, in order to create a highly innovative product with a modern and appealing design.

Increased visibility and involvement

The visual impact of the outdoor Cortina Multimedia Stand attracts people and makes them want to use it without disrupting the environment in which it has been installed.

The information provided tends to be better appreciated and better remembered when compared to information supplied by other means.

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