Triumph in Dubai with tests for the development of NB – IoT technologies applied to parking sensors

Narrow Band – Internet of Thing (NB-IoT) is becoming the new standard for network connections of all devices with IoT system.

This is the development of a LPWA connection type (Low-Power Wide-Area Network) that more than other technologies satisfies different performance requirements, has an easy installation and contains battery life of the devices that use this technology.


This innovation will cover all the IoT devices of the next generations.

What is IoT technology?

The Internet of Things technology is new, but it is on the market for at least 10 years, and consists of a number of network peripherals within the devices can be put in communication various equipments to each other.

➡️ Potentially we are surrounded by IoT technology and if we consider a latest generation car or fridge, we are ideally buying a product that has hardware peripherals that make it IoT.

➡️ Unfortunately, in the last 10 years, there has not been a real step towards an interconnected world. But right now the focus on the subject and technological development allows some ideas to expand.

Our intelligent IoT parking management solution

Our parking management solution finds in this application a perfect combination, because our Smart Parking Systems need continually to communicate with several peripherals including parking sensors for parking detection.

It is a system composed of three main elements:

  1. ⭕️ Data input devices, such as payments, reservations and parking
  2. ⭕️ Central server – data processing and management
  3. ⭕️ Data output devices – a data interface depending on the person’s goals that will exploit the system


Precisely for the completeness and reliability of our urban parking management system, we have been selected by Huawei to test our existing IoT sensors for a new type of network connection called NB IoT.


What is NB-IoT technology

The Technology NB-IoT, using the communication infrastructure of LTE networks, appropriately updated, to communicate between devices with this technology.

How does a NB-IoT radio module work

The radio module, using a SIM industrial, is connected directly to the BTS (Base Terrestrian Station) from the operator mobile/phone, in a dedicated in very narrow frequency bands (hence the name Narrow Band) dedicated to the communication of many small packets.

Tests in Dubai at the Middlesex University Campus

➡️  After contacts with the European headquarters, Dubai’s office, which follows the Middle East, has invited us to test the new sensor equipped with a NB-IoT communication module.

➡️  Right in the heart of the technology labs of this important innovation company, we began testing our sensors since the early minutes after entering the university laboratory.

➡️  The Laboratory of Dubai, called Testbed, is an area where there are already installed a preview of all the new technology that will be used in the near future.

  • The sensor immediately recognized easily the network and returned a very powerful signal, but the real challenge was to see if it could do a ping on the test platform.
  • After inserting the SIM card inside the sensor with great satisfaction of all present we were able to ping the server.
  • Subsequently via the commands sent to the module we were able to send data packets from our sensor to the server that manages the NB-IoT test node, formalizing the communication between the two.
  • Based in Dubai we were followed simultaneously by about twenty Middle Eastern countries where the company partners with whom we carried out the tests following us with trepidation.

Why NB-IoT?

NB-IoT technology has several advantages including:

⭕️ Wide and fast coverage

Signal coverage comes ubiqually at several points of the city despite being under the ground level and even if it meets urban obstacles such as buildings.

⭕️ Secure network

It is a secure network that uses the same security measures of telephone communications. High integration capabilities.

This type of connection is suitable and is going to be tested to be integrated in all types of existing device.

⭕️ Low Cost

Compared with the costs necessary to create other network systems, these are among the lowest possible investment industry.


➡️ Being at the center of technological transformation

Intercomp S.p.A. is once again pioneer of technological innovation of great depth, selected in an international context by technology leaders, who recognize in our unique brand an unique world’s reliability and competence.



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