Capacitive Panel PC with customizable button panel

Panel PC 8200 capacitive is a powerful industrial device designed with a multi-touch capacitive touchscreen and a button panel that can be customized to meet customer needs.


UL, CSA and EAC certificate

This line of industrial Panel PCs is certificated for the American, Canadian and Russian markets.

UL, CSA and EAC are three important certification marks that are issued only if the production process and the single product meet specific quality standards.


Display 18.5"

The display of the industrial Panel PC 8200 is an 18.5” LCD type with LED technology. It is covered by a tempered glass and it is available in HD format.

The display frame is made of anodized aluminium and includes a LED status indicator and a USB connector with rubber cap, which allows to maintain the IP65 degree of protection.


Fanless system

The fanless cooling system installed on this industrial Panel PC considerably increases the value and efficiency of the device, especially in industrial environments.

The heat-distribution elements installed on the back of the device are designed to keep the temperature at optimum levels reducing dust lifting and deposit.


Multi-touch capacitive touchscreen

Our industrial Panel PC 8200 with button panel is equipped with a sophisticated capacitive touchscreen (PCAP), which guarantees maximum precision even when wearing work gloves.

The multi-touch system is designed to support up to 10 simultaneous touches and enables even more efficient interaction in any industrial context.


Customizable button panel

The industrial Panel PC 8200 is equipped with a button panel covered by a tempered glass and installed under the display, to which it is connected via a rear support that also allows cables to pass through.

It is available in three versions, depending on the type and layouts of the buttons, which are also equipped with removable panel tags, so as to customize the device to the maximum.


Structure for industrial environments

The structure of the Panel PC 8200 is designed to provide four different types of configurations: naked, with push-button panel, with side handles and complete (push-button panel and handles).

To guarantee the necessary maintenance of the device it is also possible to unhook (in the upper part) the monitor from the support, built in anti-fingerprint steel and able to avoid the deposit of dust.

Italian excellence

Thanks to our experience, we can adapt our solutions to your industrial processes.

Monitor 18.5″
Touchscreen PCAP type with multi-touch | Can be used even when wearing work gloves
Button panel Customizable | 3 versions available
Side handles Anodized aluminium | Optional
Supported operating systems All industrial use software
Certifications CE, RoHS, UL, CSA, EAC
System Intel®
Display LCD with LED technology – 18.5″
Video Integrated
Audio Integrated

Quality industrial automation services


Quality tests

The capacitive industrial Panel PCs 8200 comply with the regulations in force in the European Union. In any case, further tests are carried out to verify the behaviour of components and products under specific stress conditions.

All results of the checks are 100% traceable by our customers.


Supply with customer requirements

Together with our interlocutors, we usually go through a list of components, to clarify the costs in detail from the beginning.

This is an enormous advantage, both to offer quality solutions and to create an excellent synergy with the customer.


Technical support

The support provided by Intercomp extends far beyond the technical assistance. We work to ensure maximum success for our customers, through a solid relationship built to enhance production capacity, efficiency and quality.

Through our support, companies can benefit from concrete help in choosing the best solutions.


CUSTOM design

The design and production of our solutions can be customized according to the specific needs of our customers and the different industrial contexts.

Thanks to our experience in the personalization of the devices we can modify each component of the industrial Panel PC 8200 to respond to specific requests.


Software integration

The capacitive industrial Panel PC 8200 can support any type of software used in industrial environments.

We are also available for the installation of certain types of software for the control and management of industrial processes.



The design and production phases are followed by a sampling of pre-series.

This prototype is carried out to allow the customer to have an overview of the product before production at full capacity.

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