Desktop PCs with excellent performance
Desktop PCs MT15 are sophisticated and powerful devices suitable for environments where a certain rapidity in the management of applications is required.

Reduced costs, maximum quality

This particular line of Desktop PCs is a solution developed in order to offer a high-quality PC with a very competitive price.

The solid aluminium structure and the quality of the materials are the result of careful selection, supervised by our technical office in order to offer a product that stands out for its reliability.


High performance

The MT15 Desktop PC uses last generation components, which makes this computer an excellent working tool.

It is able to guarantee high performance and it is ideal for contexts where excellent computing skills are required.


Integrated communication systems

This model of Desktop PC has all the communication systems integrated within the device, thus ensuring it is fully equipped for the management of sound and video.

Being so equipped, it is not necessary to purchase additional add-on cards.


Wide expandability

The MT15 Desktop PC is highly expandable. It is possible to customise both the 9 internal and external bays and the USB ports (up to 16).

Thanks to his versatility, it is possible to simply renew or transform this Desktop PC into a constantly updated device able to compete with last generation technology without needing to be replaced.


Energy optimisation

MT15 Desktop PCs are certified with the 80 plus mark (85+), providing our suppliers with a guarantee that our production line makes use of ecologically sustainable systems.

This certification also gives the final user the certainty that the PC offers low energy consumption.



On the basis of the configurations selected, it is possible to obtain economical but efficient solutions, or advanced Desktop PCs for working environments where very rapid management of applications is required.

It is also possible to configure advanced Desktop PCs for work environments where a high speed of application management is required.

Italian excellence
Thanks to our experience, we can use our know-how to adapt our solutions to your industrial process.
Supported processors
Intel® Xeon®, Intel® Core™ i7, Intel® Core™ i5, Intel® Core™ i3, Intel® Pentium®
Dimensions (L x H x D) and weight180 mm x 425 mm x 480 mm | About 9 kg for average configuration
AccessoriesItalian USB multimedia keyboard | 3-button scroll USB optical mouse
CertificationsCE, RoHS
VideoIntegrated and optional on PCI-Express x16 slot

Add value to your services


Specialized support

Intercomp customers can make use of a specialist support service, a reliable partner ready to help in all critical situations.

It is possible to establish specific contractual conditions in order to make use of advanced on-site support at the place where the devices are installed.


Strategic support

Becoming a retailer of our Desktop PCs, as for any other office product, allows to make use of the customer support service.

Our team can provide full support, from product presentation to management of tender.


European Certification

All the products made by Intercomp comply with European Certification regulations, to which we autonomously add other guarantees in the production phase.

Our production line is indeed responsible for carrying out further quality control tests on all our computers, for example in order to measure resistance to vibration, temperature, etc.


Free delivery

Our products are delivered free of charge and we also offer logistical support.

If our dealers need to receive the supply in instalments or manage them individually, we can work on a delivery solution that suits their needs.



Intercomp Desktop PCs, like all the products supplied, offer a high level of customisation.

Thanks to our production line, we are able to provide solutions suitable for specific requirements, applying a different trademark or customising the whole hardware structure.


Customised warranty

The desktop PCs have a warranty of two years, which can however be extended, depending on the contractual conditions requested.

Our widespread presence, customised types of warranty and technical support can represent strategic solutions for the provision of high-quality services to the final user.

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