iCOMAC 7200 industrial panel PC

iCOMAC 7200 fanless industrial panel PCs series are equipped with the latest generation touchscreen technologies that can also be used with work gloves and are characterized by the True Flat display made in tempered glass, adaptable to any support.


Suitable for continuous use

Industrial panel PCs are always built up in order to enhance and manage all industrial processes.

Their hardware structure can maintain a high level of operation for continuous use throughout the entire machine life cycle.


Fanless system

Our True Flat panel PC is equipped with an efficient fanless cooling system, very efficient and reliable.

It is able to reduce both the lifting of dust and maintenance costs normally dedicated to classic fans.


Removable HDD and SSD

Moreover, panel PC are designed with an innovative hardware unit that allows to extract memory cards in an extremely simple way.

This feature in fact eliminates the need to disassemble the entire device in case of any interventions.


IP65 front protection

iCOMAC 7200 anodized aluminium frame is designed to be waterproof on the front side.

It is equipped with IP65 protection grade, thanks to a careful selection of materials in order to create a product suitable for multiple contexts and easily sanitized.


Capacitive touchscreen

Our True Flat panel PC is designed with a sophisticated capacitive touchscreen system, suitable for use with gloves.

True Flat panel PC is precisely realized to further increase the quality of the reproduction of images and videos, as well as 3D model manging.


Display in four versions

iCOMAC 7200 industrial panel PCs are produced in three different display size, depending on their function: 15.6″, 18.5″, 21.5″ and 23.8″.

This particularity guarantees the product an excellent versatility of installation in any type of industrial context.


Installation and keyboard support

The True Flat panel PC can be fixed inside any standard operator panel structure and it is also possible to install it on VESA supports.

An optional keyboard and mouse support designed to be attached to the VESA support can be integrated into the structure.


Front IP69K stainless steel

The 15.6″ version of the 7200 panel PC is also available with an AISI 316 stainless steel front panel, but without the USB connector.

This particular configuration is able to guarantee the device a protection grade on the front side that reaches IP69K.

Italian excellence

Thanks to our experience we can adapt our solutions to your industrial processes.

TouchscreenCapacitive type with multi-touch suitable for use with work gloves
Antiglare treatment
For 21.5″ and 23.8″ sizes
CertificationsCE, RoHS
Fixing methods
Panel mount | VESA 100
Standard IP gradeIP65 (front)
15.6″ AISI 3016 version IP gradeIP69K (front)
Operating temperature
From 0° C to +45° C
Optional UPS
Wide range (6-30 V DC)

Quality industrial automation


Customer requirements

Usually we agree together with our partners about a components list, in order to clarify in detail the individual costs of the components of the device.

In this way, our customers benefit from a fairly economical advantage, but we exploit it to create a quality synergy with our interlocutors.


Certifications and quality tests

The True Flat capacitive panel PCs are manufactured according to the regulations in force in the European Community.

To increase the quality of our devices, we have set a specific area of the production department for further testing.



The design and production process goes through various phases, up to a pre-series sampling.

This is an important step in order to recreate all possible scenarios before a full-scale production.


Custom design

The design and production of all our solutions may vary depending on the specific needs of industrial automation processes.

Thanks to a solid experience in device customization, we can, for example, modify every single component of the True Flat panel PCs.


Software integration

iCOMAC 7200 capacitive panel PC can exploit any type of software available on the industrial market.

On customer request we can also install two types of commonly used software for the control and management of industrial processes.


Technical support

The success of our customers is the result of a relationship built with the aim of enhancing production capacities, focusing on efficiency and quality.

Our support is not only technical, but rather a concrete and ever-present help that aims to guide companies in making the best choices.

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