Panel PC True Flat, design and power

The Panel PCs True Flat are equipped with the latest generation touchscreen technology that can also be used with work gloves, characterized by glass flat-screen adaptable to any support.

Industrial PC Advantages


Suitable for continuous use

Industrial Panel PCs are always built up in order to enhance and manage all industrial processes.

Their hardware structure can maintain a high level of operation for continuous use throughout the entire life of machine.


Fanless system

Our True Flat PC Panel is equipped with an efficient fanless cooling system, very sophisticated, silent and able to reduce both the lifting of dust and maintenance costs.


IP65 frontal protection

The anodized aluminum frame is waterproof on the front side.

It has an IP65 degree of protection, thanks to a careful selection of materials designed to create a product suitable for multiple contexts and easily sanitized.


Removable HDD and SSD

Moreover Panel PC are designed with an innovative hardware unit that allows to extract memory cards in an extremely simple way, without having to disassemble the entire device.

Design Features


15.6"/18.5"/21.5" display

Generally industrial Panel PCs are produced in 3 different size of display, depending on their function.

Like all other products for industrial use, they are solutions that are designed with great versatility.


Capacitive touchscreen system

Our True Flat PC Panel has a sophisticated capacitive touchscreen system. This is an innovative system for interacting with the device in an intuitive way that, due to its complexity, is not realized on all devices.

True Flat PC Panel is precisely designed to further increase the quality of the reproduction of images and videos on the screen, as well as 3D model manging.


VESA mount and operator panel

The True Flat PC Panel, thanks to its modern flat panel design, is able to stand inside any standard operator panel structure.

Thanks to the special connection, installation on VESA supports is also possible.

Italian excellence

Thanks to our experience we adapt our solutions to your industrial processes.

Wide availability of I/ONumber and type of ports can be personalised upon request
Supported operating systems
All industrial software
CertificationsCE, RoHS
DisplayLCD with LED technology – 15.6″/18.5″/21.5″

The quality of industrial automation services

Manufaturing supports and avantages


Supply with customer requirements

Usually we agree together with our partners about a components list, in order to clarify in detail the individual costs of the components of the device.

In this way, our customers benefit from a fairly economical advantage, but we exploit it to create a quality synergy with our interlocutors so we can offer an excellent solution.


Certifications and quality test

The True Flat capacitive PC Panels are manufactured according to the regulations in force in the European Community.

For however, increase the quality of our products we have decided to have a production area where more specific acceptance tests are carried out, to check individual components and products under various stress conditions.

All the results of the tests carried out in production will be 100% trackable by our customers once the product has been purchased.



This phase is structured in several parts, until it arrives at a preselection sampling.

This is an important step in order to recreate all possible scenarios before a full-scale production.

Customer  need’ customization


Mechanical and electrical CUSTOM design

The design and production of all our solutions may vary depending on the specific needs of industrial automation processes.

Thanks to a solid experience in device customization, we can, for example, modify every single component of the True Flat PC Panel.


Software integration capability

The True Flat PC Panel capacitive can exploit any type of software available on the industrial market.

On customer request we can also install two types of common used software for the control and management of industrial processes.


Technical support

The support we will provide goes well beyond technical assistance.

Your success is the result of a relationship built to put you in a position to increase your production capacity, focusing on quality and efficiency.

Our support is not just technical, but is rather a concrete help and keep in mind that can guide enterprises and businesses to make the best choices in the market.

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