iCOMAC 85F industrial panel PC

iCOMAC 85F panel PC with function keys is a solution for industrial environments that can also adapt to peculiar non-standard work processes, thanks to the possibility of configuring the function keys positioned on the anodized aluminium front as desired.


15" display

iCOMAC 85F industrial panel PC series is equipped with an extremely compact 15″ display.

The touchscreen with resistive technology is suitable for easy use even when wearing work gloves.


Industrial design

The 85F panel PC is equipped with three front function keys that can be customized according to the customer’s needs.

The fanless system installed can maintain an optimal temperature for the entire unit, for any type of processing.


Advanced performance

iCOMAC 85F PC panel with function keys is a high-end device designed specifically for critical industrial environments.

It is a solution capable of achieving excellent operation thanks to the performance provided by the latest generation of Intel® processors.


IP65 protection grade

The front side of the iCOMAC 85F is designed with an IP65 grade against the access of liquids and dust.

The PC can therefore also be used in production environments that are potentially critical for the proper functioning of the machine.


Removable HDD/SSD

Panel PCs with function keys are equipped with a particularly innovative hardware unit.

In fact, it is possible to take out memory cards very easily, without the need to disassemble the entire device.


Fixing methods

This series of panel PCs is normally installed in panel mount mode, directly on the machine they manage.

Alternatively, the device is also designed for mounting on supports equipped with the VESA 100 standard.

Italian excellence

Thanks to our experience we can adapt our solutions to your industrial processes.

Display15″ | 4:3 | 1024 x 768
TouchscreenResistive type suitable for use with work gloves
Function keys
3 customizable keys
Supported operating systemsAll industrial use software
CertificationsCE, RoHS
Fixing methods
Panel mount | VESA 100
Protection grade
Front IP65
Operating temperature
From 0°C to +50°C
Non operating temperature
From -10°C to +65°C
Cooling system

Quality industrial automation


Software integration

Industrial panel PCs with function keys can integrate different types of software for the control and automation of work processes.

They are also equipped with additional configuration possibilities thanks to the function keys fixed on the front side.


Acceptance tests and certifications

All the panel PCs produced by Intercomp are subjected to strict tests and trials by an internal quality certification system.

Our burn-in area, for example, can verify the operation of the device in critical environmental conditions.


Technical support

The technical support offered by Intercomp can support customers through advanced methods.

We can provide support in different phases of the commercial, production and design relationship.


Custom design

The iCOMAC 85F panel PC with function keys is equipped with a good availability of various port types.

In any case, the device can be customized with extreme flexibility in each of its components.


Supply with customer requirements

The customer’s needs are fundamental requirements within the negotiations and the business relationship.

Our goal is to meet in a precise and detailed way all the needs that emerged in the project developed with our interlocutors.


Sample production

The production of samples can take place in different ways, according to the requests of our customers.

We also offer the possibility to verify our production process in real time, in all its phases.

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