Compact rackmount 2U PC

PC Rack Cora 2000 can integrate a compact system with all the latest high-performance and most reliable technology, with two competitive advantages: excellent performance and long machine life.


Suitable for continuous use

Rack Cora 2000 PCs are designed for use at high operating levels.

These sophisticated devices use mechanical systems that are suitable for continuous use, thanks to their powerful heat dissipation system.


RAID technology management

RAID technology management allows Cora 2000 Rack PCs to become ideal solutions for those who need a product that guarantees a high level of security.

The large capacity of expansion of RAM up to 64 GB makes them at the same time very powerful devices.


Rack cabinet assembly

Rack Cora 2000 PCs are built to a standard 19″ Rack cabinet. 

The structure itself is designed, with particular attention to materials, to ensure maintenance of operating temperatures below 35°C, in order to ensure the maximum safety for the working environment.


High expansion capacity

The PC Rack Cora 2000 has been designed to guarantee high levels of expandability.

The hot swap drawers and the high number of I/O and USB ports allow these devices to be able to update and adapt to various contexts over time.


Intel® HD graphics card

Intel® HD technologies enable the Rack Cora 2000 PC to notably increase graphic capacity, exponentially increasing his versatility.

They can support up to 3 simultaneous displays. This feature makes them the ideal work tools for technical and design environments.



The Cora 2000 Rack PC line is designed for sophisticated workplaces that need to adapt and upgrade to new technologies.

This high level of versatility allows the device to be used in every context.

Italian excellence

Thanks to our experience, we can use our expertise to adapt our solutions to your needs.

Dimensions (L x H x D) and weight
483 mm x 89 mm (2U) x 576 mm | About 15 kg for average configuration
AccessoriesItalian USB multimedia keyboard | 3-button scroll USB optical mouse
Processors supportedSocket LGA (sixth and seventh generation) Intel® Core™ i7, Intel® Core™ i5, Intel® Core™ i3, Intel® Pentium®
CertificationsCE, RoHS
Operating temperatureFrom +5°C to +35°C
VideoIntegrated | Optional on PCI-Express

A valuable trading partner


Highly competent assistance

Intercomp assistance is set up to manage the needs of retailers.

We provide support during the various phases of the distribution process, from the choice of the products to be built to the financial offer to present as well as supporting the customer in competitive contract tenders to ensure success in any area in which our product systems are proposed.


Testing and inspections

The inspection stage for the Rack Cora 2000 PCs is based on current European Community regulations.

The company policy of Intercomp has always been to integrate testing and inspection procedures into its production process, beyond that which would be required for CE certification. This is to ensure highest quality standards for the distributors of our products.


Customizable configuration

The configuration of the Rack Cora 2000 may be customized according to own needs.

Thanks to our design and production departments there is an unlimited level of customization possible for individual products.


Warranty and orders management

Rackmount Cora 2000 PCs have standard 2-year warranty that can be customized at the time the contract is made. The warranty terms may also include technical intervention on site where the Rack PCs are installed.

In order to facilitate optimized the supply, in addition to free delivery, we offer the possibility of managing the supply of the order in instalments.

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